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Yamuna Foot Savers!!

One of my favorite sites is Kelly’s Kool Tools. Wow, someone did a write up on the Yamuna Foot Savers. Take a look at this site.

I took a workshop class on Yamuna Body Rolling back in 2003?? 2004?? in Louisville, KY at the Chaz Rough’s yoga studio. I just could kick myself for not taking the *somewhat* local training that was held about a year after that, in Austin Texas. One of my yoga mentors, Sally Delgado-Francis took it…yes, that is when the jealous really set in!! (LOL!)

I like to do the body rolling when I feel like my back is out of alignment, or when I’m too cheap (often) to get to a chiropracter. I also like the way when you do the front of the body, how the body rolling technique just somehow makes you a smaller size….(make squishing all the fat around….drink lots of water!). Really amazing stuff. I have both of her books, calf balls, back ball, foot savers, and the back routine. I like her first book better than the second one because I’m really into knowing all the body muscle parts now.


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