Beginning yoga Yoga in Ponca City

TS Edouard and Yoga…

Haven’t been able to teach yoga this week due to Tropical Storm Edouard. Classes have been canceled. Maybe on Thursday, I’ll be able to teach again.

Visited PC this past week. Went to a yoga class at the local “Y”. Am looking for a competent yoga instructor in the area to give my brother and his wife private lessons in their home. So far, all that I have found is someone trained by Nesta, the “Y” organization..sports yoga. That may be fine for someone who is very active already and knows how to listen to their body and not do too much. But for beginners, or those who have body issues, I don’t think someone who has been trained with that certification, will know how to help those types of people…unless they have alternative, other experiences.

But there is another instructor in the area, that might be promising.

Conducted two in-home private yoga lessons this past week. Didn’t have a cd player available for me to use my own music. Used the “Sound scapes” off of the cable instead. Nice music, but I couldn’t judge where I was in the practice without my sound cues. So a bit longer yoga session than usual. (Not necessarily a bad thing!)

There has been some discussion that there aren’t enough beginning yoga classes, and on the other end too, advanced yoga classes….seems to fall, right in the middle.


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