SinuCleanse "Neti-Pot" on sale this week!

Neti Pot
This week at Walgreen’s until Saturday night March 28th, 2009. The SinuCleanse Nasal Wash Kit is $5 off. If you were thinking of acquiring a “Neti-Pot” system, go and get this. Nice, because you can put it into the dishwasher to clean, if you want. I like this specific system, well, because it was the first and only one I’ve purchased.

It was advertised last year or so in Yoga Journal, and other Yoga magazines.

I like it that they include the little salt to go with it!

p.s. use lukewarm water, try n0t to shock your nose with cold or super warm water!


p.s. Originally the SinuCleanse System was sold with a bit of salt packets with it. I went into Walgreens today, and saw that attached to the SinuCleanse Box, was the box of 50 salt packets (originally 6.99 for that box). So the total is 19.99, $5 off, for 14.99. The system I bought originally was 14 dollars or so a couple of years back, with no extra box. I then bought some at 9.99 (again without the extra salt packets), last year. So the SinuCleanse system has been repackaged a bit, with a bit more money, but actually probably the same price (with the $5 off), with the added salt packets.

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