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What my booth looked like at the Health Fair

So here is what my booth looked like at the Health Fair. I stood out in front of the booth, in the yoga mat area and talked to folks about yoga, gave out information, had people enter the yoga giveaways, get a snack (very popular), and demonstrated poses. It worked out very well.

I used some of my materials from my scrapbook days (sizzlets alphabets), and corner rounders for the photos. Had my students write up testimonials and showed a vinyasa of easing upper and lower back pain from RestoraFlow Yoga creator, Sara Varona. Passed out information from YogaFit too!

Additionally, I took my YogaFit Kids cards, and displayed a Sun Salutation, as I thought that people might ask about kids yoga that way (yeah, they did).

I did giveaways for yoga mats, private lessons, free classes and a 3 month family membership to the local YMCA (thanks Port Arthur YMCA!!).

By Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

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