Props for your Yoga practice…

Sew if you have any sewing ability, you can make these items for your Yoga practice.

  • And make your own bolsters. Now I found an article in one of my sewing books,”Sewing for the Outdoors”, but then I found this on the internet…same concept. I used a roll of quilt batting, figured out how circle part on the bottom….well, kinda like the instructions for the yoga mat. Here’s a link….

I used some cotton material that I had around the house. I used this same concept, to cover a neck roll that I had, so that I could also use this in restorative yoga poses.

Here’s another link for making a stuff sack, or a cover for your cylinder shaped bolster…

Here are some additional links to making your own yoga mat bag, even a cool video, and a way to make a yoga mat wrap….plus some more on zafu’s!!

Additional sewing instructions for zafu’s

gaileee, e-ryt

p.s.s. Update. From a forum client posted about Simplicity 3583 and McCalls 4261. Get them when the are on sale at Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s Fabric Store, or Hancocks.


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