Yoga Deck Cards Rodney Yee

Yoga Giveaway with Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT

Yoga – The Poetry of the Body Deck – Rodney Yee

The Poetry of the Body Deck

Yoga is one of the hottest fitness trends today, and millions of people are looking to renowned yogi Rodney Yee for instruction.

Fresh from a guest spot on Oprah where he taught yoga to the masses, Rodney Yee is well-known around the world and travels extensively both nationally and worldwide to teach weekend workshops, week-long teacher training workshops, and yoga retreats.

Yoga: The Poetry of the Body: Card Deck is an introduction to the practice of yoga in both its physical and spiritual aspects.
Using 50 cards, Rodney makes abstract concepts come alive, thereby allowing readers to better understand and appreciate the essence of yoga.

So onto the Giveaway. Here is what you have to do….

  • Make a comment on my blog with your favorite and least favorite yoga pose. Please include your email address in the comment.
  • Subscribe to my blog and post a comment with your email addy.
  • “Follow” me on my blog and post a comment with your email addy.
  • Twitter about the giveaway, and post a comment with your email addy. (Be sure to tell me your twitter name, so that I can check.)

Deadline is May 9th! Good Luck!

By Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

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6 replies on “Yoga Giveaway with Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT”

Fav Pose – Wild Thing. ( I love how it opens up my hips.) Yummmmyyyy…

Least Fav Pose – Frog! Ouch!

Amazingly it was easier to come up with a pose that I dont like. I actually had to narrow down the favorite pose. There are so many i like.

Thank you,
nwfotobug at msn dot com

oh favorite!? hmm, i would have to say right now im really digging gate pose. least fave is headstand. i have a hard time relaxing in it with some neck issues.

thanks gail!

clare at spytech dash web dot com

Warrior I is one of my favorite poses. And I say Crow is my least favorite, as I keep falling out of crow.

Taylorbbee at yahoo dottith com

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