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Upcoming YogaFit Restorative Yoga Training…

Here is the the description on one of YogaFit’s newer trainings, that hopefully will make, and I’ll be able to take locally in Katy, Texas. Oct 15 – 18!

Passive supported poses are designed to deliberately induce a deep state of relaxation, a seed for meditation. Active supported poses are designed to deliberately awaken dull areas of the body to improve circulation and encourage healing. Restorative poses can be beneficial to bring about awareness of muscular and respiratory holding patterns. YogaFit’s Restorative yoga provides a unique backdrop for exploring the mind/body connection. Restorative Yoga is a unique and satisfying style of yoga teaching that is quickly gaining popularity among both yoga teachers and students. It can be taught entirely in a yoga class or a few poses thrown into the end a classical yoga class to set the stage for a deeper cool-down and relaxation.

The 4-day training covers:

* 25 restorative poses and their healing benefits.
* Thematic class mapping
* Breathing techniques
* Specific prescriptions to address particular challenges

The training will teach you how to guide your students to deliberately and consciously relax using restorative yoga poses, breathing techniques and guided inquiries. You will learn how to use strategic prop placement so that your students body/mind can completely relax. As a result, students receive benefits from poses that they ordinarily would not be able to achieve due to stiff joints, short/tight muscles or injuries. As well, restorative yoga poses can be held for longer periods of time due to the support from the props, increasing their overall benefits. In addition, the training will strengthen your teaching skills in the principles of alignment and movement, and posture modifications and adjustments (including how to use yoga props to attain safe alignment), which is effective knowledge for teaching various YogaFit styles. The YogaFit Restorative training has been designed and written by one of our trainers that has over 20 years of yoga experience.

Regular Tuition: $669.00
*Early-Bird Tuition: $639.00
Late Tuition: $699.00

By Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

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