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My favorite YogaFit Music CD’s

When I first started teaching yoga, I would choreography the yoga poses to certain tracks on the YogaFit Music CD’s that I have (oops, sounds like pre-chore’d stuff eh?).  I’d laminate the flows, with the minutes….it was really funny, looking back on it.

Now, depending on the mood of the room, or my mood, I’ll pop in a cd, and know what poses are in the 3 mountain series, and present a class based on the music that comes up.  Well, that is after about 2,000 hours of teaching.

Here’s my list of favorite YogaFit Music CD’s and not in any particular order.

My faves are as follows:

*Original YogaFit Cd #1, and the re-boot of the original is called “Vintage” YogaFit.

* Active YogaFit #2 (Green Case)
* Active YogaFit #5 (Blue Case)
* Active YogaFit #7 (Red Case)
* Active YogaFit #8 (Green/Yellow Case)
* Best of YogaFit (also known as YogaFit #9) [Yellow/Grey with white Flower Case]
* Sunrise / Sunset CD’s
* Zen Cafe #2
* Twillight Zen Cafe
* Suzanne Teng (used to be offered by YogaFit in 2002/03)
* Mantra Girl
* Music for a PeaceFul Paradise
* Soothing Sanctuary
* Zen Cafe Ultra Lounge

By Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

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