DVD Yoga Review Yoga By The Dozen

Yoga by the Dozen DVD Review.

I’m looking for Yoga DVD’s for children.  I get asked a lot what I’d recommend.  Well the folks at Yoga By The Dozen, allowed me to review their DVD and here are the results.  A+!!!

Yoga By Yhe Dozen DVD Review.

I love how this DVD is setup.  12 basic poses with the teacher, then teacher with the children in a magic yoga circle.

  • The teacher demonstrating the pose.
  • A child coming to the center of the magic circle to do the yoga pose , often with a count down of staying in the pose.
  • The teacher asking what the sanskrit name means in english, or saying the english name of the pose, and asking the sanskrit name.
  • Then the teacher cuing the children to come into the pose, then switching sides, then ending in Criss Cross Yoga Sause pose.

I think I could actually use most of these basic poses in a Vacation Bible School setting (20-30 minutes each class), with the children learning and doing yoga.  This is as much as a yoga to do with your children DVD, as it is for me, a learning tool, of how to start teaching  yoga poses to children, and have it be fun!

I highly recommend this DVD for you and your children, and if you are a yoga teacher, venturing out into teaching yoga to children.

Poses:  Warrior I, Warrior II, Warrior III, Tree, Triangle, Camel, Dancer, Half Moon Pose, Dolphin Pose, Crow Pose, Firefly Pose, Wheel/Bridge Pose and Resting Pose with a cool Namaste’ Singing Song at the end.

Here are some facts about the DVD:

Yoga By The Dozen™ promotes a healthy lifestyle for kids through their highly acclaimed ‘Yoga By The Dozen’ DVD and their complete line of lifestyle products for yoga.  The top-selling DVD is a fun, interactive children’s yoga video, designed especially for kids ages 2-6.  JoAnna and her 12 friends demonstrate a ‘dozen’ fundamental poses that will introduce your children into the exciting world of Yoga.
Key Benefits:

  • Increase Cognitive & Motor skills
  • Confidence, Courage and Self-Esteem
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Memory Retention and Concentration
  • Nurture Creativity and Self Expression
  • Respect for themselve and each other
  • Proven therapy for kids with ADHD and Autism

JoAnna Ross, founder of Yoga By The Dozen™ is a life long performer. Having danced on Broadway for years she found her natural charisma clicked with kids.

You can purchase the DVD at:

Facebook Group at:

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