Gaileee Yoga Giveaway Neti Pot

Yoga Giveaway – A Neti Pot!!

Okay all y’all yoga friends out there, once I hit 100 Facebook Fans on my Yoga with Gaileee Facebook Page, I’m doing a yoga giveaway of a Neti Pot!

You can click on the sidebar, on my Facebook badge to become a facebook fan of mine, or type in the following address.  

Those of y’all that are already in my facebook fan group, well you don’t have anything to worry about, you are already in the contest.  Those of you, that are new to me, well, please drop me a little comment here, that you joined my facebook group and the name that you joined with, and you’ll be in the running for the neti pot.

Here is a bit of information that I wrote about  the neti-pot back in August.

Neti Pots: the Best Thing Out There for People with Sinus Problems & Allergies & even Colds

WebMD the Magazine/March-April 2009 Issue has a section on Sinus SOS. It is a question and answer article.
Q: As you’ve mentioned, another lifestyle approach is to “irrigate” the sinuses — as some cultures have practiced for centuries — but it tends to turn some people off. What’s the benefit of this homespun remedy? You must get a lot of resistance when you first recommend it to patients.
A: I think neti pots are probably the best thing out there for people with sinus problems and allergies and even colds. You can also use a pulsating nasal irrigator or a squeeze bottle. All are easy to use, and the risks are almost zero. It’s kind of like taking a shower when you get home.

Patients always ask me, How long do I have to do this? and I ask them, How long have you been taking a shower? And they say, My whole life. Well, that’s the answer. You’re cleaning out the dirt in your nose and sinuses; why not wash that out?

At first some people are a little afraid, and some people think it’ll be too cumbersome. But almost all of my patients come back very positively and say it makes a difference. My 6-year-old is doing it, my 5-year-old is starting, and we’re trying to get our 2-year-old to do it. Whether you’re 2 or 92, this is good for everybody.

A lot of yogi’s regularly practice cleaning out their sinuses with a neti pot. You don’t have to go out and get a ceramic one. Go on down to your local Walgreens and pick up a neti pot.

By Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

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