Mini Yogis Yoga for Kids

Mini Yogi Foundation Training.

Mini Yogi Foundation Training for kids by Shana Meyerson….mastering the ancient art of being a kid

I’m going for the training this weekend in Austin (Amber’s ole stomping grounds), and getting to visit with Ms. Cathy F from my church too!

From Shana’s site:
Yoga is a gift.
It is an uplifting, noncompetitive, mind-expanding, and fun way for kids to build strength, spirit, and self-esteem.

Shana says, “When I look at kids today, I see an incredible amount of potential and so many opportunities for them to exercise it. But I also see a lot of unnecessary sadness, stress, and apprehension. I believe that yoga holds the magic that will allow all of today’s kids to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit, and to believe in themselves above all else.”

At mini yogis yoga for kids we foster creativity, cooperation, and confidence in a safe environment where all children are perfect just the way they are.

Children aren’t little adults
. They have different needs, respond to different stimuli, and learn in different ways. That’s why mini yogis offers nontraditional yoga classes: invigorating, interactive, imaginative journeys into your child’s developing mind, body, and spirit.

Unlike many other yoga programs that simply scale adult practices down into childsize chunks, mini yogis builds each practice from the ground up, creating an exclusively child-based practice and giving children the sometimes rare opportunity to just be kids within the context of yoga asana and meditation.

Let mini yogis yoga for kids help your child develop flexibility, focus, and coordination for a happy, healthy, balanced life.

mini yogis yoga for kids  ….. I’m so looking forward to the training!


By Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

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