Itsy Bitsy Yoga

Now that you’ve had your baby…..

It is time to do baby yoga! My baby loved doing the little routines listed in the book, “Itsy Bitsy” Yoga.

I’d sing to her, “Pada Hasta, pada Hasta”, for the pumping of the knees into the chest, to help her with her gas, and the “Corkscrew” movement, to help, again, the movement of the bowels. (Okay, sounds gross, I know, but if your baby has those issues, it is a nice way to help them out, plus they love it!)

Plus the “Kissy feet, kissy feet, toes to the nose”!

Curious? You can check out the book from the local library, or request it from IntraLibrary loan, or check out Helen’s website. Lots of good information there! Or find a local teacher

By Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

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