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How to use the Birth Ball in Prenatal Yoga

How to use the Birth Ball in Prenatal Yoga

This one bears repeating……This is for all the pregnant ladies who want to do something positive for their bodies during their pregnancy. Sure helps with the aches and pains! <

Sara Varona, Teacher of RestoraFlow Yoga style, has provided an excellent visual aide, of how to use the birthing ball, or resist-a-ball, in her latest YouTube videos.

On her Youtube she has four videos, about 10 minutes in length, that shows various ways to use the birthing ball, and you never get up off of the floor. Which is a bonus sometimes, when you get late into your pregnancy.

Sara is 9 months along when demonstrating these postures. Listen real carefully, as she gives you modifications and suggestions for the different yoga poses.

Using the resist-a-ball during pregnancy videos by Sara Varona

Here is the link to the first Prenatal Yoga Birth Ball video.

Birth Ball Video #1

Second Prenatal Yoga Birth Ball Video
Birth Ball Video #2

Third Prenatal Yoga Birth Ball Video
Birth Ball Video #3

and Last Fourth Prenatal Yoga Birth Ball Video
Birth Ball Video #4

I wished that these videos were around when I was pregnant, because I was inventing things to do with the ball, based on some books that I had, and other exercise maternity programs. I do have favorite videos on prenatal yoga, but none that used the birth ball, and these videos have enough modifications for beginners, and advanced sections for those of us, who can handle a bit more. But as always, listen to your body, become aware of your breath…if it is somewhat ragged, that is your number one clue, that you are doing too much!

Enjoy these videos, and if you have comments, come back here, and we will discuss them!

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