The Best Shape of your life! Yoga for Fitness & Health Magazine

Fall 2010 Special Issue – Yoga Journal

I was hoping that Yoga Journal would put out another overall magazine, like they did last year.  I found the extra magazine had a lot of great information in it, and shared some of the information, here on this website.

And they did it again.  Last year, I was able to find the special Yoga Journal magazine in Walmart, but no such luck this year.  Just happened upon it in Sams, and of course Sams magazines are at a 30% discount.  Nice buy!

I happens that this years issue has 8 complete workout by top teachers in the yoga field.  Patricia
Walden, Kira Ryder, Richard Rosen, Sarana Miller, Sianna Sherman, Lisa Black, Nicki
Doane & Eddie Modestini, and lastly, Shiva Rea.

I really like the Sun Salutation presented by Richard Rosen, as that is the way, I typically teach a Sun Salutation.

You can also send off for the free DVD (you pay postage only) associated with the magazine.

Here is the summary of the magazine

  • Get In the Best Shape of Your Life
  • 8 Complete Work Outs By Top Teachers 
  • Ultimate Core Challenge
  • 5 Poses for Over-All Conditioning
  • Yoga for Strength Training
  • The Inner-wisdom diet
  • Find your perfect weight 

and here is the link to purchase online if you cannot find it locally.  It is the Fall 2010 issue.  Enjoy!

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