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Yoga for Small Spaces by Christine Ristuccia & LynnC Geddes-RYTs & illustrator Charles Beryl

The folks over at Addriya (Yoga * Learning * Wellness) have a great product.  I just recently received my Yoga for Small Spaces Deck of Cards by Christine Ristuccia, RYT & Lynn Geddes, RYT, Illustrated by Charles Beryl.  Targeted toward kids, I believe, but I think I’m going to use them also for my Adaptive Yoga for MS class.  There are illustrations and descriptions of doing yoga in the chair, and some other yoga poses, that can easily adapt to in the chair too!

According to the insert in the box, Yoga for Small Spaces deck was originally designed to use in the classroom, where space, time and resources for equipment are in short supply.  It also goes and talks about that, one of the most important aspects of yoga is that is does NOT have to be done in a studio or on a mat.  Yoga can be done virtually anywhere with results obtained in as short as one minute. 

The insert goes on to say that everyone can do yoga, even those with special needs or those who are non-ambulatory.  Many of the poses are done seated or can be modified for use while seated, which makes these cards extremely adaptive.  Yes!  I can visualize this with my MS folks. 

I got a little bonus by purchasing these cards, as they are going to work in my YogaKiddo classes that are being held at the YMCA, and in my National MS Society sponsored Adaptive Yoga Class.  We do most of our poses seated in the chair, or behind the chair, and we do a variation of Peggy Cappy’s (Yoga for the Rest of Us PBS fame) Sun Salutation series with the chair. The only thing I don’t see in the deck is plank/cobra with the chair.  That would complete the Sun Salutation series with the chair.  A great new resource to use in your classes!  Love it!

❤ Gaileee

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