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Prenatal classes in the Beaumont/Port Arthur Texas areas.

Prenatal Private Yoga Lessons in your home.  Either at Beaumont or Nederland Texas Exygon location, or in the privacy in your home.  
Please call Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger at 409-727-3177 for further inquires.  Thank you!

Prenatal Testimonials

What some of my Prenatal clients have said about the Yoga that I teach….
From Amy, a prenatal client. “I did thoroughly enjoy your prenatal yoga classes–the physical activity was wonderful. Also, I truly enjoyed the community of pregnant women in tune with our bodies and so positive and hopeful about the tiny bodies, minds and spirits of the babies in our tummies. I think attending your classes made the L&D (Labor and Delivery) of my second baby even easier and smoother than that of our first baby.”
From Lynn, a prenatal client. “I used the various yoga postures that Gail taught us in class, to help manage the contractions. I had to be induced, and was able to walk around, sit on the birth ball, and use my Yoga breath, to ease the severity of my contractions. I didn’t need to use any narcotics or pain relief. My pelvis was so opened up, that she came out after 4 pushes! After the birth of my baby, the nurses were so surprised how quickly I recovered. I was ready to go home that day! This was my smallest baby of 8 pounds and 4 ounces.”
From Cryss, a prenatal student.
“I love your yoga class. Being pregnant I am worried about popping my back like I used to and the weekly yoga classes help relieve the stress in my mid and lower back. I feel more relaxed after doing yoga, it is so wonderful I almost fall asleep at the end of the class. The meditation portion helps me learn to focus my mind on things that are not the present. It has helped me learn to cope with stress and breathe instead of getting so frustrated! Anyways, love it and would recommend it to anyone!”
Further Information:

Teaching Prenatal Yoga in Mongolia
Mommy and me Yoga with Grace
Grace and her Down Dog

By Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

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