Beginners Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

Can’t Touch Toes – Why Yoga? Nederland, Texas

“Yoga is for any body and anybody!”

Private Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger, 409-727-3177
If you can breathe, you can do Yoga. Yoga with Gaileee, 20 yrs teaching experience. Nederland & Beaumont Texas

I urge you to call me, Gail Pickens-Barger at 409-727-3177 to find out more about what a Yoga lesson can do for you!

So you think yoga can only be done by emaciated Indian sages who meditate with their feet tucked behind their heads?

Or by Madonna and other annoyingly in-shape dancer/gymnast new age hippies?

Or by women, period?

Or you’ve tried a yoga class and you couldn’t walk for 3 days?

Or hurt yourself trying something that didn’t even look that hard?

Or you don’t believe that yoga doesn’t burn any real calories so you should stick with weights and step classes, even though frankly, they are an unpleasant chore?

Or you think you are too stiff, too weak, too fat, too old, too out-of-shape?

Or you think yoga is a religion and you already have one, thankyouverymuch?

Yoga is for everyone.

Whether you’re a body builder whose pecs are so big (but short) he finds it hard to breathe deeply,

Or whether you’re a frail seventy-something who is wondering how she is going to pick up that pencil she dropped. (Much less get up and off the toilet….)

If you can breathe you can do yoga.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember the last time you exercised or if you believe you’ll never, ever be in shape again or lose weight.

It doesn’t matter if your fingers can’t touch your knees, let alone your toes.

Come try one of my yoga classes or set up a individual private lesson and see how wonderful your body feels afterwards.

Can’t get down on the floor? Then come to my chair yoga class, or arrange to have a private yoga lesson!

Read on stories from some of the success stories from clients participating in yoga lessons, or click here for more detailed Client Testimonies.

15936507_10104121860834812_3944536023021581957_oSuccess Stories

From Jane, a Beginning Yoga client. “Feeling very relaxed after a session and my pain in my back has eased up considerably. I sleep better at night. I feel energized. Fall 2005.

From Amy, a prenatal Yoga client. “I did thoroughly enjoy your prenatal yoga classes–the physical activity was wonderful. Also, I truly enjoyed the community of pregnant women in tune with our bodies and so positive and hopeful about the tiny bodies, minds and spirits of the babies in our tummies. I think attending your classes made the L&D (Labor and Delivery) of my second baby even easier and smoother than that of our first baby.” March 2006.

From Judy, A Gentle Beginning Yoga class participant and a fibromyalgia sufferer. “I always enjoyed your Gentle Yoga class because it was excellent for a beginning class and after it I always felt so much better after all the stretching.

As a teacher Gail was so good about offering modifications for difficult poses and with all your class you were so concise about the directions part of the effects of feeling so good at the end was being so relaxed I could always keep my eyes closed and with your instruction still be certain I was able to follow the moves. Spring 2007.

From Linda, a Beginning and Intermediate Yoga class student. “I need your class to help my legs and my back feel better and when I don’t come to class, my stress levels become very high.” Winter 2005.

From Brenda, a fibromyalgia sufferer and Gentle Beginning Yoga student. “In taking Gail’s class, I don’t miss my Vioxx as much. I’m not having any spasms in my left leg. I can manage my stress better.” Summer 2005.

From Lucy, an Intermediate Yoga participant. “You are very professional, caring, and knowing of all aspects of yoga. I wish you were still here.” Spring 2007.

From Helen, a Gentle Yoga participant. “After my first yoga session, I was able to go to sleep without my sleep aid medication.” Spring 2007.

By Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

YOGA WITH GAIL | Ease Chronic Pain + Increase Mobility
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