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Power of a nap – Yoga Nidra

The Power of a Nap – Yogic Sleep Method

The Power of a Nap – Yoga Nidra

Watching the PBS Nova special on Sleep. Just some tidbits taken away from this: Toddlers were tested on their memory. Four novel toy items with nonsense toy names were given to them. The toddlers touched, played and the names of the toys were told to them.

Power of a Nap - Yogic Sleep. Yoga with Gail
Power of a Nap – Yogic Sleep. Yoga with Gail

One set of toddlers took a mid-afternoon nap after interacting with the toys.

One set of toddlers did not take a nap, but played, did activities – staying awake.

  • The toddlers who took the nap, were able to recall and correctly identify the toys at 80% recall
  • The toddlers who did not take the nap, were only able to recall and correctly identify the toys at 30% recall

We have a gland in our brain, the amalygila, which stores temporary memories, and by taking a nap, those short term memories get placed into long term memory. Some thing that is done every night we sleep. The thoughts are, in order to improve memory, having higher quality sleep (brain waves a certain way) taking naps is a way to do this.

It could also be a key in improving memory as we have aging brains. Taking naps for memory, concentration improvement.

Yoga Nidra could be also a key in helping with this. Doing a nidra mid day as a nap alternative might help with higher levels of concentration.

There were also thought in this special in how naps help counter PTSD, trama events in our lives.

Mysteries of Sleep – NOVA special on PBS

This special is well worth your time Click Here==> Mysteries of Sleep PBS NOVA Special

Power of a nap, improves memory, focus, concentration, Yoga Nidra can help with those naps.

We practice yoga nidra in the yoga classes that I teach. On a recent survey after doing the class and the yoga nidra, students claimed that they slept 75% better the nights of their yoga class. Better quality sleep, less getting up to go to the restroom, feeling refreshed the next day.

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