Ease back pain, get calmer… the secret? It’s Yoga!

Teaching this week all classes either online through Zoom or Facebook, or providing content on my Youtube channel.

Here is what is up on deck this week! You want to take my Zoom Yoga Classes, please register for one or both classes this week. Mondays at 6:00 PM Central Standard Time. Can’t make it? You can get the playback video!

One Class ==> $10

This week added a Gentle Yoga Flow for Low Back Care for the #VeteransYogaProject Online Streaming classes on Facebook. They’ve got lots of mini-classes, yoga nidras, breathing practices offered up for you to do! https://www.facebook.com/VYPOnlineStreamingClasses

Discover how to: ease back pain, lessen stress, increase flexibility, gain strength, better balance, build bones, lower blood pressure, sleep better and more with a regular yoga practice with Registered & Certified Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger. #gentleyogaforlowbackcare #chairyogafitness #yogawithgaileee #yogawithgail


Chair Yoga

Gentle yoga for low back care


Published by Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

YOGA WITH GAIL | Ease Chronic Pain + Increase Mobility Yogawithgaileee.com ChairYogaFitness.com phone: (409)-727-3177 | email: yogawithgaileee@gmail.com | www.yogawithgail.com

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