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Yoga Stretches for Back Pain Relief

Veterans Yoga Project – Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care with Gail

Enjoy this 45-minute video to assist in lessening your back pain with Gail Pickens-Barger, VYP Ambassador.

Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care with Veterans Yoga Project Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger
Join Gail for this 45 minute yoga class. Great for beginners and those of us with back challenges.

Welcome friends! Join me for this 45 minute yoga class with Gail P-B. Geared for beginners and those of us with back challenges.

Just remember, you don’t have to be able to touch your toes, or bend like a pretzel to do yoga!

Thank you for joining me here on FB Live this past year. Next week, new schedule, new Online Virtual format for bringing yoga to you.

Please indicate in the comments below where you’re from & your military status and/or any military affiliations, or First Responder, Health Care Worker status

Ex: Active duty, Reserves, Veteran, Retired, Military. Spouse, Family Member, Civilian, etc.

Thank you for joining this yoga class and I hope you enjoy the class!🤗

Back PAIN info:

  • Back pain is the 2nd most sited reason people go to the doctor
  • Back pain has a high occurance in veterans for a number of reasons
  • And they are prescribed pills but it doesn’t really help.
  • Then comes fatigue, depression & quality of life goes down.
  • Yoga can actually help the back pain
  • 45% of veterans have military-connected disability
  • 8% of adults in the US have back pain at some part of their life &
  • 30% of people in the US in the next 3 months will have a short course of back pain

So this effects everyone.

This method of exericise
** reduces intensity of pain, depression, fatigue & medication use.
** pain interference with daily life. Quality of life & self-efficacy both went up with regular yoga practice.









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