MS Adaptive Yoga – Beaumont & Nederland, Texas

Starting: Tuesday, April 5, 2011. Each Tuesday, 10 to 11:15 a.m. Wesley United Methodist Church, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas 77627. This class is offered exclusively for people living with MS & is free or charge!
  • Adaptive Yoga for MS Facebook Group
    The National MS Society offers programs that promote wellness of body, mind and spirit. This adaptive, gentle yoga class is a great way to add exercise into your life as well as the added benefit of meeting new people living with MS. Yoga classes focus on movement and breathing ~ this will help to increase your muscle tone, and improve your balance, coordination and overall body control. We hope to see you soon!
  •  The National MS Society is happy to announce this new wellness program in the greater Beaumont/Nederland area.

Yoga Poses in the Zumba Cool Down

So during Zumba class last night, we actually did some yoga poses in the cool down portion of the Zumba Class.  Sneaking some Yoga into Zumba!!

Lateral Flexion

Variation Lateral Flexion
Swan Dive with Chest Expansion Arms
Chest Expansion
Forward Fold with Chest ExpansionArms

Swan Dive with Airplane Arms
Forward Fold with overhead Chest Expansion Arms

Variation of Forward Fold

Additional Variation of Forward Fold

Monkey Stretch Variation (Hamstrings)

Airplane Arms Monkey Stretch

Forward Fold
Monkey Stretch Variation

Runners Lunge

Can Yoga help those with Diabetes? Read on….

When I was pregnant, and of course had gestational diabetes, yoga helped me lower my stress, and as a form of exercise after a high glucose reading, would lower my numbers after a gentle yoga practice.  Read on these links for more information, regarding Yoga and the effects it has on Diabetes.

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