Yoga for the Sewing Enthusiast!

Yoga for the Sewing Enthusiast!

Yoga poses to counteract being at the craft table or sewing machine, making all those masks, buff and gaiters!

Need a bit of yoga to counteract being at the craft table, sewing table. After making all those masks, buff, gaiters for protection. Plus lessen the stress a bit too! I host a website for my parents, The Perfect Portable – Singer Featherweight 221 Sewing Machine. This was posted over at that site, and thought it would be nice here too!

  • Seated Twist
  • Interlaced hands up over head
  • Letter “T” arm circles
  • Down Dog hang at the craft table or kitchen counter
  • Seated or lying #4, or Pigeon Pose
  • Cow Face arms with a hand towel

Those quick little poses come to mind for helping ease low back and upper back pain from being at the sewing machine hunched forward so much.
Try it.
Let me know your favorite pose!
Yoga with Gail
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The secret to less stress – Vitamin P? Shh, it might be yoga….

Online Mondays at 6 PM CST
$10 Beginners Yoga : 6:00 PM
Online Friday Chair Yoga :
Available after 9:00 AM
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Vitamin P

Have you heard of it?  I thought this was neat!

Vitamin P – studies have found that animals can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support and boost your mood.
Teddy Dog brings our family such joy.  Also, Vitamin P (P as in Pet) isn’t a real vitamin….it’s just something fun we like to say about the pets in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but when I see ya’ll during the yoga class on Monday night, where we come a bit early to say “Hi” to everyone, that for me, also gives me good feelings of social support, and I do notice I so look forward to it, boosts my mood, and it does lessen loneliness.  Can I call that
Vitamin Y for Yoga?

Discover how to do yoga for low back pain – Online Yoga with Gail

  • I have low back pain.  Scoliosis, disc degeneration, SI Joint dysfunction and some more issues.  So I was on the journey to see how yoga could help me lessen my pain.  I was on a scale from 1-10, often between 7-9.
  • What I did was a lot of research, and took specialized yoga training for low back care.
  • I can now tell you my pain levels are now in the range of 1-3.  Significant progress, to where I no longer take over the counter meds.
  • I work daily a bit to keep my pain levels low.

Please join me in doing this yoga, to help you with your pain issues.

Discover how to: Ease back pain, lessen stress, increase flexibility, gain strength, lower blood pressure, lose weight, better balance, build bones and have higher quality sleep through regular yoga practice with Gail Pickens-Barger, Registered and Certified Yoga teacher with over two decades of teaching experience.

You Don’t Have To Bend Like A Pretzel To Do Yoga!


Adaptive Yoga for your needs
Let’s keep it between “Easy and Ouch” in our Beginners and Adaptive Yoga Classes! Over two decades of teaching experience.  Retired IT professional from DuPont/ConocoPhillips.
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Lessen stress, ease back pain, increase flexibility & strength, better balance & joint mobility through online yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

Teaching a healthy back class after getting certified through Yoga Vista Academy

Excited, as this has helped me with my back pain issues…. and I have a lot of them!

Join me for this class.  How?  Make a $10 payment, either join live on Zoom Monday nights at 6 PM Central, or get the video from the class to start your journey toward active aging! Here’s the link ==>

Beginners Yoga to lessen stress, ease back pain, increase flexibility, gain strength, better balance & joint mobility, build bones, lose weight, lower blood pressure, and much more!

All the same benefits through a chair yoga class too, to help with those interested in active aging.  Who wants stiff joints aches and pains?  Not me, you have to move it or your lose it!

Yoga for Active Aging - Don't like to get down on the floor?  No problem, chair yoga is the answer!
Yoga for Active Aging – Don’t like to get down on the floor? No problem, chair yoga is the answer!


Excited in that I finished getting the Experienced part of my Registered  Yoga Teacher 500 teacher level.  Go check it out on Yoga Alliance ==> Gail Pickens-Barger Profile

Ease Stress, Sleep Better? The secret? It’s Gentle Yoga with Gail

My students slept better after I added the sleep yoga method to both chair yoga and gentle beginners yoga class. Some even had less pain and slept through the night. Wow!

Here’s the signup link for Mondays 6 p.m. CST class. Recording will be uploaded after the class and is available for anyone who attends and for purchase afterward through the same link. ==> Pay Gail $10 for Beginners Yoga Class.

Part of the money you donate goes towards Wesley’s UMC’s Back Pack Food Ministry. We feed kiddos on the weekends in the Nederland ISD school community. Thank you for helping those in our community.





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Yoga Classes in Beaumont Texas

Yoga in Beaumont Texas (6 yoga studios, plus instructors and gym yoga)

Updated May 22, 2020 – Currently very few person to person classes are being held.  Typically outdoor offerings, or Online Zoom Yoga Rooms or Facebook Live classes are being held.

I teach a Beginners Yoga class on Monday nights at 6 PM.  It is Live on the Zoom platform, with an option to get the video for playback at a later time.  $10 – Part of your class fee goes towards feeding kids on the weekends through Wesley United Methodist Church’s back pack food ministry.

Thank you.

Go now and support a local charity and get this easing back pain yoga class

==> Pay here, then get the link to the live class or playback video ==> 

Online Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger E-RYT500, over 20 years teaching experience.  

Orange Texas (Orange County)

Mid-Jefferson County – including Nederland, Port Arthur, Port Neches Texas

And now the various classes/instructors of yoga in Beaumont.
Yoga Near Me 77701, Yoga Classes in Beaumont Texas, Yoga in Beaumont Tx


McFaddin-Ward House
1906 Calder Avenue – Beaumont, Texas – 77701 | 409-832-2134
Thursday, May 2nd at 5:30 pm with Julia Lee!

Lakeside Center – Best Years
150 Magnolia Street
Beaumont, Texas 77701

Beyond Triangle Therapeutics
2990 Laurel Ave. Suite B, Beaumont, TX 77702
(409) 347-8373

Brentwood Country Club
4201 S Major Dr, Beaumont, Texas 77707

EXYGON Health and Fitness Center
6450 Phelan Rd
Beaumont, Tx 77706
See schedule for detail.

Jessica Depew Wellness
Fannett, Texas

Lamar University
Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center at Lamar University.
Open to students and faculty.
See Lamar Rec Sports Center schedule for current yoga offerings.
Instructors: Melody & Melissa

Love Yoga Beaumont
2481 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX 77702
(409) 454-3977
Instructors: Juliana, Mike, Sheila, Jessica P,

Satya Rising Studio
1445 Calder, Beaumont tx 77701.
We are between Down to Earth and Twigs florist.

Sound of Soul Yoga
Inside Rosa Vita Salon & Spa
2700 Toccoa Road, Beaumont Tx
Instructors: Ellen

Beaumont Power Yoga 
4435 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX 77706
(409) 225-1872
Instructors: Tara, Nicole, Angi, Beth, Kelly & Ginger & more….

Wilton P Hebert Health and Wellness Center
3030 North Street
Beaumont, Tx 77002
Instructors: Julie, Amber, Amanda, Michelle R, Lauren C, Mani & Lisa

World Gym
229 Dowlen Road, Suite 5
Beaumont, Tx 77706
Instructors: Celeste, Tammi, Tina, Katrina, Ellisia,

Unity of Southeast Texas
1555 S 23rd St, Beaumont, TX 77707
(409) 842-0271

Tai Chi & Yoga

Erin Barrows
(409) 679-7624  
Gail Pickens-Barger
(409) 727-3177, Please leave a message with your phone number.  Thank you!
Demonstration for clubs and organizations yoga class and lecture.
Private yoga sessions your venue/home.
Beginners, Chair, Yoga for Osteopenia/Osteoporosis, Kids, and Cross training.

Celeste West Rosales
(512) 820-1504
Donation Yoga Classes at St. Marks Episcopal Church, Beaumont
Private Yoga one on one sessions.

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