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Top Seven Courses for Getting Your Yoga Classes Online

Top SEVENNow Eight! Whoops NINE Courses – Wow!

Gail's top 6 courses to get your Yoga Classes Online!
Gail’s top 7 …. now 8 and now  9!  courses to get your Yoga Classes Online!

With the Social Distancing to help with our current world’s crisis, Yoga teachers, movement teachers have been scrambling to figure out how to keep their yoga students, classes, and privates afloat.

Here’s my list of top six courses you should be looking at, to kick start you into getting your yoga classes online!  NEW Course added to the list from SequenceWiz!

1. Suzanne Dulin’s Course – “How to Rapidly Move Your Yoga Teaching Online – Using Zoom Video conferencing” – $7

2. Course: How to Share Your Yoga Teaching on Video with Sherry Zak Morris from Yoga Vista Academy – lowered from 29.99 to 9.99

3. This one has excellent written tutorialsNEWTeaching Yoga Online: Resources, Support and Love for Teaching During a Global Pandemic March 23, 2020 by Francesca Cervero 

4. Teaching Yoga Online – Private Facebook Group.

5. YogaUOnline A COVID-10 Planning and Resource Guide for Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios –

6. Yoga Teacher Marketing Community – Digital Yoga Academy

7. How to teach Yoga Online – Yoga Sports Science presents for Yoga Alliance and British Wheel of Yoga

8. Body Positive Yoga – COVID-19 Resource Guide for Yoga Teachers & Movement Educators –

9. SequenceWiz.  Always has top notch advise.  How to Record  your own videos and offer them up for sale!

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7 Minutes of Yoga Dr Oz

Dr. Oz’s comments about realistic resolutions and YOGA!

Dr. Oz has some realistic resolution comments, I’d like to share, but particularly, the comments about yoga…..

2. Do seven minutes of yoga a day. “I tell most folks that if you haven’t tried it, at least do one class of yoga to understand what it’s about,” Dr. Oz said. “The most important thing about yoga isn’t about how loose you are. It’s not about showing off how you can get into pretzel-like poses. It’s about focusing on the breath while you get into those poses and the relaxed state of mind that goes into it.” Dr. Oz said he commits to just seven minutes of yoga each morning that includes a variation on the sun salutation, a flowing series of 12 poses. He adds 20 push-ups between each stage and ends with jackknife sit-ups. “It centers me and allows me to loosen my limbs up so I don’t have nagging small injuries,” he said. “Most people aren’t brazen enough to admit they can’t carve out seven minutes in their schedule.”

Here is the link to the rest of the article.