How to use the Birth Ball in Prenatal Yoga

How to use the Birth Ball in Prenatal Yoga This one bears repeating……This is for all the pregnant ladies who want to do something positive for their bodies during their pregnancy. Sure helps with the aches and pains! < Sara Varona, Teacher of RestoraFlow Yoga style, has provided an excellent visual aide, of how toContinue reading “How to use the Birth Ball in Prenatal Yoga”

Have a pain free delivery….

Have a pain free delivery… If you are pregnant (or know someone who is) this could be one of the most important messages you ever read. Ob/Gyns, Midwives, and Mothers-to-be have been stunned by the research about how yoga lessens the pain of labor and delivery. The practice of yoga has many positive effects onContinue reading “Have a pain free delivery….”

Prenatal Yoga in Mongolia!

I presented a Prenatal Yoga class in Avraikheer, Mongolia, while I was visiting Amber (who is in the Peace Corps) this summer. Mongolians have this superstition about being on the floor in public, so they laid a blanket on the floor so that I could demonstrate Cat/Cow flow. I then proceeded to demonstrate the restContinue reading “Prenatal Yoga in Mongolia!”