Yoga Giveaway time! YogaFit Book and YogaFit on the Road CD

I’m giving away a signed 2nd edition of Beth Shaw’s YogaFit book. Additionally, YogaFit has donated 3 copies of Beth’s Yoga on the Road CD, which is great and has a pose diagram on the back of the CD cover to assist with the visualization of the various poses presented in the audio CD.To EnterContinue reading “Yoga Giveaway time! YogaFit Book and YogaFit on the Road CD”

Three more fans, then a giveaway!

Hello everyone! Three more fans/like of my facebook Yoga with Gaileee page, and then I’ll have the Neti Pot Giveaway. After this giveaway, I’ll have some giveaway items from YogaFit, one being a signed 2nd edition of Beth Shaw’s YogaFit book! Great stuff in that book, so become a fan/like my facebook group, so thatContinue reading “Three more fans, then a giveaway!”

Sequoia Records – Zap Stress with Deep Breathing article

Zap Stress with Deep Breathing by Steve GordonCo-Founder of Sequoia Records, Composer and Producer of Award-Winning Meditation Music Stressful situations can really make you feel helpless. Once you find yourself in one, there seems to be nothing you can do to stop yourself from becoming tense, your muscles tightening, and then your mind starts addingContinue reading “Sequoia Records – Zap Stress with Deep Breathing article”

Just Breathe…….Andrew Weil, M.D.

In the August 2009 issue of Body and Soul Magazine, and nice little blurb in there about the benefits of breathing. Any good Yoga Teacher will have you do this in class, or a similar variation of it, and have you breath with your poses. Good way to reduce your stress. The article is :FeelContinue reading “Just Breathe…….Andrew Weil, M.D.”

Beth Shaw YogaFit Founder, discusses Yoga Poses for Hikers & BackPackers

Beth Shaw explains at the HealthNewsDigest dot com site about the various yoga poses for Hikers and Backpackers. Check it out at: Gaileee Yoga with Gaileee, E-RYT