Yoga Giveaway time! YogaFit Book and YogaFit on the Road CD

I’m giving away a signed 2nd edition of Beth Shaw’s YogaFit book.

Additionally, YogaFit has donated 3 copies of Beth’s Yoga on the Road CD, which is great and has a pose diagram on the back of the CD cover to assist with the visualization of the various poses presented in the audio CD.

To Enter to win you must:

  1. Make a comment on this blog post, as to why you’d like to win Beth’s book. AND
  2. Take a look around my blog, and tell me the other post that you like on this blog and comment about the other post.

Please be sure to leave an email address in your blog post so that I can contact you, if you are the winners.  U.S. Residents only.

❤ Gaileee

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Good luck!

Entries taken up and until the end of February 2011 (Which is Monday, February 28th, 2011)

P.S.S.  Here is my review of the book that I did right after it first came out!  Enjoy!

Beth Shaw’s Yogafit – 2nd Edition (Paperback) Other than doing yoga poses when I was pregnant, YogaFit was my first exposure to yoga poses. I took a college course, and our course book was the first edition of the Beth Shaw’s YogaFit book.

The second book is so much of an improvement over the second book, in that the second book has delved into the philosophy of yoga, a bit more detailed information about special populations of people, who might enjoy practicing yoga, details about YogaFit’s Seven Principles of Alignment, which are essential in one practice of safe yoga, and excellent descriptions of the poses with photographs and great worded explanations.

A bit of a bonus, which I really like, are visual diagrams of the YogaFit varied workouts. From Beginning Yoga, to Flex and Flowing through your poses, to a core version of yoga, to ending with a diagram of poses to do in a power yoga format.

There are some nice additional sections in the book about diet and nutrition, meditation, and information about the chakras. Plus at the end a list of the different pose, and where they are optimally placed in YogaFit Mountain format.

I’ve been pleased with the Human Kinetics books, and Beth’s second edition book is wonderful.

Gail Pickens-Barger

Three more fans, then a giveaway!

Hello everyone!

Three more fans/like of my facebook Yoga with Gaileee page, and then I’ll have the Neti Pot Giveaway.

After this giveaway, I’ll have some giveaway items from YogaFit, one being a signed 2nd edition of Beth Shaw’s YogaFit book! Great stuff in that book, so become a fan/like my facebook group, so that you have an opportunity to enter to win!

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Sequoia Records – Zap Stress with Deep Breathing article

Zap Stress with Deep Breathing

by Steve Gordon
Co-Founder of Sequoia Records, Composer and Producer of Award-Winning Meditation Music

Zap Stress with Deep Breathing by Steve Gordon Stressful situations can really make you feel helpless. Once you find yourself in one, there seems to be nothing you can do to stop yourself from becoming tense, your muscles tightening, and then your mind starts adding lots of negative thoughts to the mix.

Not only is it very unpleasant to feel this way, it also is very bad for your heart and your entire immune system. Plus it reduces your ability to be creative and to respond to challenges in the most responsive way.

But actually stress is not something that happens all in one instant. It builds up in our body after many things trigger us over and over again throughout a day.
The trick is to zap stress right as it starts. The best way to do that is with deep breathing. It may seem simple, because it is but deep breathing can have a profound effect on your health and well-being. It has been the key to yoga and meditation for thousands of years.

When you take full deep breaths, it keeps your entire stomach, chest, shoulders and back from tensing and becoming stiff.

The first thing that happens when people feel stress is their breathing becomes short and shallow. By breathing deeply when you feel tense, you can stop this from happening.

Here is how to do effective deep breathing:

Breathe into your stomach so your stomach extends and becomes full.

Then let the air fill your chest so your chest becomes full and your shoulders go down and back.

Let the air out completely. As you let the air out relax your shoulders and stomach so they are soft and loose.

Breathe slowly yet naturally.

Do not breathe too fast or you will get too much air and feel light headed. Don’t breathe too slowly either where you end up taking in air too fast on the inhale.

Just breathe at a natural slow rate that feels right to you.

As you do this for a few minutes you will start to feel your muscles in your shoulders and chest start to loosen and your stomach will become soft.

This best thing about deep breathing is that you can do it at any time in any place. If you make it a habit to breath deeply when you feel stress you will be able to stay much more relaxed in any situation and your heart and immune system will be more protected from negative effects of stress.

Not only will you be healthier, sleep better and feel more relaxed, when you are in this state of being you will find it much easier to meet the day with enthusiasm and be positive. When you are relaxed it’s much easier to be the person you really want to be.

Here is a direct link to the article.  While you are there, take a little listen to their music, sign up for their newsletter (each month you get a free mp3 download-cool!)

Beth Shaw of YogaFit uses a lot of the “Gordon” boys music in her compilations of YogaFit CDs.  Its all good!

Just Breathe…….Andrew Weil, M.D.

In the August 2009 issue of Body and Soul Magazine, and nice little blurb in there about the benefits of breathing. Any good Yoga Teacher will have you do this in class, or a similar variation of it, and have you breath with your poses. Good way to reduce your stress.

The article is :Feel your Best! The 17 most trusted names integrative health give their top advice for preventing illness, revving up energy, easing stress and more….Here is Andrew Weil, M.D.’s advise.

Just Breathe” Practice deep breathing regularly and you can lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve digestion, sleep better, and lower stress.” says Andrew Weil, M.D., integrative-medicine pioneer and author of the forthcoming Why Our Health Matters . To reap these benefits, try Weil’s 4-7-8 breath:

Prepare by placing the tip of your tongue against the ridge behind your front teeth; keep it there throughout the exercise.

  • Exhale through your mouth, making a “whoosh” sound. Then, for the exercise, inhale deeply and quietly though your nose (mouth closed) for a count of four
  • Hold for a count of seven, and
  • Exhale audibly through your mouth for a count a eight.
  • Repeat the exercise for a total of four breath cycles twice a day. After a month, if you’re comfortable with it, increase to eight breaths each time.

There is a similar breath pattern that I was taught in YogaFit called the retention breath. Didn’t specifically do the counting, but there was the inhale, pause inhale some more, exhale all of the breath out of the lungs. The belly rising and sinking with the breath pattern. You can just feel the tension in the room dissipate. Good stuff! Gaileee

Beth Shaw YogaFit Founder, discusses Yoga Poses for Hikers & BackPackers

Beth Shaw explains at the HealthNewsDigest dot com site about the various yoga poses for Hikers and Backpackers. Check it out at:


Yoga Giveaway on Gaileee’s Blog – Ends Feb 14th!

Yoga Giveaway on Gaileee’s Blog. Last day (hours) to enter to win!

YogaFit kindly donated two music CD’s for this yoga giveaway on my blog.

  • YogaFit Music for Power Yoga – Volume 1
  • YogaFit Music for Slow Flow – Volume 2

  • I’m donating the 2nd edition of Beth Shaw’s latest book.
  • and a 50 card deck of cards of Rodney Yee’s Yoga the poetry of the body.

Here are the ways that you can make a valid entry for these giveaway items.

  • Make a comment on this blog AND put your email address in the same comment. You can make your comment in a way that spammers won’t pick it up. For example; yogawithgaileee (at) gmail [dot] com. Your comment won’t show up immediately, as I approve comments made to this blog. You will need to be a U.S. Resident or Canada Resident.

Additional entries will be given as follows:

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  • For 5 extra entries, put in one of your favorite yoga flow sequences. Yes, you can put in multiple sequences, just make a separate entry for each flow sequence. (You guessed it, put in your email addy in the comment.)

Deadline for entries are: February 14th, 2009. Only open to U.S. & Canada Residents.