Why Eating Meditations are the best things since sliced bread.

Why Eating Meditations are the best things since sliced bread.

Lex Gillan and The Yoga Institute in Houston – one of the oldest and most respected studio businesses in the country – have been helping others share the dharma for 45 years. Lex has taught this course more than 200 times certifying more than 3,000 teachers. The Yoga Teacher Training and National Certification Courses are registered with The National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Alliance for both 200-hour and 500-hour programs. These are turnkey courses that can help turn your passion for yoga into right livelihood through full- or part-time teaching.”

Lex has shared with his yoga students, that he was once 285 pounds.  He used the Eating Meditation to help him initially lose 70 pounds.  Then after taking a break, he eventually lost an additional 65 pounds.  He really, really wanted to lose weight.  Here is a little snippet of the eating meditation that he recently shared up on facebook.

Mindful eating practice to lose weight.

Mindful eating practice to lose weight.

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The Yoga Diet from Body and Soul Magazine – A Martha Stewart Company

As we get into the “over-eating” season, ponder this article from the latest Body & Soul Magazine from the Martha Stewart Company (who herself is an avid yoga practioner).

The Yoga Diet.

Taking up yoga could help reshape your eating habits, which may help you lose weight.  In a Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center study (see my side bar for the entire article on the research), of 303 adults who were physically active, researchers found a link between doing yoga and eating mindfully: yoga practicing participants reported focusing only on their food while eating, for instance, or ceasing to eat once they felt satisfied.  No such link was found among those who did other forms of exercise.

“Since yoga heightens your awareness of your body in general, it makes sense that it would hlep you to pay more attention to your eating patterns and appetite”, says J. Adam Rindtleisch, M.D., of the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine Clinic.  Many other mind-body methods–including meditation and tai chi–can also deepen your body awareness and motivate you to eat more consciously he adds.  Those practices can also reduce stress, which could help you savor your food rather than frantically speed through each meal.

 For a head start on becoming a calmer, more mindful eater, take a moment before your meal to breathe deeply and offer gratitude for your food.  As you eat, tune into the sensations you experience with every bite.  “When you’re aware of how each morsel of food affects you.”  says Rindfleisch, “you’re more likely to feel full not only physically, but also mentally.” – E. B.