Legs Up the Wall or on the Ball Yoga Pose for Swollen Feet

Ahhh, I distinctly remember the conversation I had with a YogaFit master trainer, in that she was also an airline steward(ress), and that she used the Legs up the Wall, or Legs on the Ball Yoga Pose to help her swollen feet, and her tendencies to have varicose veins. After having seatmates on the plane,Continue reading “Legs Up the Wall or on the Ball Yoga Pose for Swollen Feet”

Yoga in Korea ICN airport.

I’m walking by the lounge in the Korea (ICN) airport with a 7 hour layover, and there is an advertisement for a yoga session. Hmmmm, need to see what that is all about! Taught a prenatal yoga class in Mongolia, where the custom is that you do not get down on the floor in aContinue reading “Yoga in Korea ICN airport.”