My new Neti Pot

I didn’t pack my neti pot with me, as I’m visiting Mongolia to see my daughter, who is in the peace corps (

We went to the Arvaikheer market today, and I purchased an 11 ounce stainless steel teapot, that I hope to use for my neti pot. But I’ll be using regular salt. Hope that doesn’t burn the lining of my nose!! I purchased the neti(tea) pot in the Buddhist store.

We then ate lunch at a popular restaurant. I ate a Russian Peroski for lunch, and crinkle french fries. It is like a hot pocket with mutton, rice & spices.

Amber tells me as we are going to the ancient captial of Mongolia tommorow, that her boss is going to either get us a goat or sheep for us to do horhog….like a Mongolian BBQ (think smoked pig in a pit, I think..). True “Mongolian BBQ”.