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Legs Up the Wall or on the Ball Yoga Pose for Swollen Feet


I distinctly remember the conversation I had with a YogaFit master trainer, in that she was also an airline steward(ress), and that she used the Legs up the Wall, or Legs on the Ball Yoga Pose to help her swollen feet, and her tendencies to have varicose veins.

After having seatmates on the plane, and flying at night, for a 13 hour flight, it was not easy to get up and walk around the plane, on the way back. Mind you we had lots of turbulance too. (Seat belt sign ON!) So needless to say, my legs/ankles/feet were a might swollen. I’ve never had this sensation before-yup…never had swollen feet during pregnancy (it was the yoga!) neither. So this was a new experience for me.

So it took a bit of searching for me to remember about the ease of the Legs up the wall yoga pose. Again, Ahhh. Did a bit of ankle circles, heel flexing and toe pointing too.

Now if I could get back on my own time schedule, instead of 13 hours ahead I’d be good. So I’ll go to bed in a bit!

What do you do for your swollen legs/feet/ankles?