YogaKiddos Lesson Plans Winner from OMazing Kids

Back in October, I submitted my lesson plan for kids yoga to OMazing Kids website, and voting on facebook occurred and my friends on facebook and YOU came through and my lesson plan won!  Thank you! Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Contest on OMazing Kids Go over to the facebook site to see the set of lessonContinue reading “YogaKiddos Lesson Plans Winner from OMazing Kids”

YogaKiddos in Action!

Breathing in and Breathing out demonstration. Ssssssssssssssssssnake Pose. Used the book My First Yoga – Animal Poses, and here are a few poses demonstrated from the book.  We use the hoberman ball to illustrate inhalation and exhalation breath.  Plus use the hoop to have an animal jump through….today we jumped through making a moo-ing soundContinue reading “YogaKiddos in Action!”

Yoga Kit for Kids — Cards, Music and Booklet

Yoga Kit for Kids.  A set of cards, Music for Yoga in two tracks of 20 minutes.  A handbook telling about the poses, the benefit of yoga for kids.  This Kit is set up for one to take to a school environment. I tell you, Grace and I had fun with this.  Can’t believe sheContinue reading “Yoga Kit for Kids — Cards, Music and Booklet”