Day 4 – Sew T-shirt panels together

Day 4 – Sew T-shirt panels together. Front, padding, back.

This “seams” simple, and it is, but it is quite intensive.

With this t-shirt quilt, I tried to also have the back be a t-shirt. That is all fine and good, unless you also have an awesome graphic on both front and back. Which of course, I did. So that mean I had to hunt up another t-shirt for the backing. And of course I wanted it to be the same color as the front.

So this part took me a while. I had to scrounge through the t-shirts that I had on hand, and if I didn’t have the matchy matchy color, maybe a visit to the local Goodwill store.

The different t-shirt panels for the ragg t-shirt quilt.

As it was, I wanted to do flannel for the padding part for this quilt. Of course, didn’t want to spend a lot of bucks on the material. So I went into my own closet and found flannel king sized pillow cases. Score! Deconstructed the pillow cases and was able to get 3 panels out of each case.

Ended up going to Goodwill, getting some men’s extra extra large 100% cotton flannel shirts, and scored a twin sized 100% cotton twin sized sheet. I’ll have that material on hand as my pillow case supply took care of the 25 panels!

Get together your panel pieces, then sew the t-shirt squares together.