DIY Face Mask - Top 19 Tutorials to sew, tape, construct during our world's health crisis - to combat COVID-19

Face Mask Tutorials – DIY – Coronavirus

Face Mask Tutorials – How to sew or craft together a personal protective device – DIY

I’ve taken three of my favorite face mask tutorials on YouTube, done screenshots, and created a document for me to take up to my sewing room.

Please enjoy the tutorial from ==> Youtube – Deaconess and PDF of the tutorial on the Youtube from Deaconess Health

My new favorite tutorial from ==> Youtube – Maker’s Habitat KL and PDF of the tutorial from youtube video Maker’s Habitat KL

This lady is awesome ==> Green Bag Lady – has three tutorials on her website.  ==> Knit Mask, 2 Ply Mask, 4 Ply Mask – PDF Instructions!

Additional tutorials for making face mask has increased in the past week.

Apparently there is a run on getting the N95 personal protective face masks in the store, so making one is probably your best bet. (This was originally written on February 26, 2020, I’d say there are NO N95’s to be found in stores anymore at that time….)

Here are a few sewing tutorials and a tutorial on using paper towels, rubber bands, and plastic sleeves.

THERE’s MORE ==> HERE are some more that look to be good too! This one has a pattern and a great video plus a place to send the masks. But my community is asking folks to make them too! Use up that fabric stash, get rid of that ugly fabric. Here is something you can actively do to help your community. Make a set for your family too.

Medical Face Mask

How to make face masks to support healthcare workers

10 minute face mask

How to make a no sew DIY n95 “type” protective face mask

How to make face mask with filter pocket.

JoAnn’s Fabrics How to make a face mask

How to sew a simple face mask tutorial

How to SEW a Medical Face Mask // Tutorial–BOyTiU

New tutorials for creating your own protective face masks.
New tutorials for creating your own protective face masks.

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