You Don't Have To Bend Like A Pretzel To Do Yoga!

Back Pain? Please Register for the Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Back Class

Weekly Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Back – Third Tuesdays 6 PM CST. Live
Streaming class or option to get the video

I will be offering LIVE STREAMING Zoom every third week. With the option of getting a playback video if you cannot make the Live session!

You can only sign up for them here! It is pretty simple to do:

Third Tuesdays 6:00-7:15 pm Central Standard Time

1) Send $10 USD payment to me no later than 4pm Central Time (or two hours before class start time):  You’ll get a link to register for the class and to get into the Zoom “Room”.   Please remember to write down the password, you’ll need it, to get into the Zoom Yoga Classroom!

Each class is $10.

a) PayPal account (please select “personal” or “friend”) to:  Then send to:

b) Check – You must call me 2 days prior 409-727-3177 to mail a check to me.  Then I can send you a link to the class.

2) We will be using Zoom video conferencing software (similar to using FaceTime).  You can optionally create your own free Zoom account, but for this class you do not need one.  Do this from your desktop computer, it is simpler that way (but you can also do this from your phone). Download Gail’s  Zoom manual for beginners. 

3) Once I have received your payment, I will send you the registration link to the “Zoom Yoga classroom”.

4) You can sign in and enter the “waiting room” as early as 15 minus before class, I will greet you a bit before class starts and we will begin session promptly at the top of the hour.

What to do about props?
Check out my video for DIY ideas on how to be ready for your home experience:

For my full schedule of other Live Streaming classes, CLICK HERE.

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