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Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care

Why Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care is an effective tool for you to pursue. The hardest part of self-care is getting yourself to do it.  Here is what it takes:  Decide.  That’s all.

Just Decide You Want to Feel Better.

Then decide When you are going to do it.
It doesn’t take long.  Just a few minutes.  Set the timer.
Do treatment/exercise/yoga while watching TV.  Listen to a podcast.
Or just space out and roll your body on the wall/ball.

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==> I’ve got back pain.  Yoga teacher too.  Turns out some of my yoga poses that I would regularly do, was making my issues with my spine worse!

So I went on a journey to learn more about my back.  Turns out my spine curves doubled over these past 8 years!  Also have a weak multifidus back core muscle.

Went to work!  Strengthening my multifidus through various exercises and yoga poses.  Plus intelligently strengthen and stretch the muscles in my spine, core, behind, etc.

Becoming a Gentle Yoga specialist for Low Back Care.  Here are some studies to support that yoga eases back pain.

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#easebackpain with #beginnersyoga

Fall in love with taking care of yourself.  

National Institutes of Health – article on Yoga eases moderate to severe chronic low back pain

Boston University study find it’s as good as physcial therapy for relieving lower back pain

NPR – National Public Radio reports – study finds yoga can help back pain, but keep it gentle with these poses, as heard on Morning Edition.

There are even some guides on this article!

Science Daily Reports – Yoga helps back pain among veterans! –

Time Magazine states, Yoga works as well as physical therapy for Back Pain –

Consumer Reports – Try Yoga for Back Pain

New Back Pain Guidelines from Consumer Reports – https://www.consumerreports.org/back-pain/new-back-pain-guidelines/

Gail Pickens-Barger,

Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care Specialist.


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