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What to do? Try online yoga!

What to do? Try online yoga!

Online Beginners Yoga with Gail. Paypal, Zoom, Facebook, Youtube. ==>

Just a little conversation here. I morphed my face to face teaching of yoga, the second week of March, 2020 to online yoga.

A lot of people who were very comfortable coming to the church for their chair yoga and their gentle beginner yoga dropped off the face of the earth.

I wonder how they are doing and coping?

I do have a remind app to stay in contact with them, but it is like crickets out there.

Yoga Teacher problems, right?

I did though have many embrace the Facebook Live videos, the interactive nature of the Zoom Yoga rooms, and plus viewing Youtube videos.

Of course there is a lot out there for folks to pick from, and I am happy that I am able to serve and continue to provide movement, stress relief and a bit of humor during our world’s health crisis.

If you haven’t embraced the ability to connect with your teacher through the online formats, I highly encourage it!

For me, I’ve been able to tap into weekly classes for my own discovery and enjoyment. I too, am the student, so I do know where you are coming from.

  • I take a weekly Form and Function Class with Egoscue Teacher out of the state of New York, through the Zoom Video platform. I am really enjoying this class. I pay $10 for this class, and it is so worth my money.
  • Then I take either a Zoom or a Facebook Live class with my fellow Veterans Yoga Project Teachers. Again, learning so much for my personal practice. These classes are free to Veterans, friends and family!
  • I also subscribed to YogaJP online chair and gentle classes. I was able to get a Black Friday Special price for these classes. I occasionally do one of their classes.
  • I also subscribed to Wise Owl Fitness, and she puts up Nia, Yoga, Chair Yoga, Burlesque and other classes for us to enjoy. This also was a yearly fee. I enjoyed taking her Yoga Nidra training over a year ago, and am up next to take her Laughter Yoga training.

Anyway, I was excited that someone from my list of reminders want to come into the yoga room last night on Zoom, but alas, 8 minutes prior to starting the class. Again, Yoga Teacher problems right?

“Ms, Gail, how do I do the online class?”

Send me a payment through Paypal, then I’ll send you the link to the Zoom Yoga room. Here’s the link.

“Ms. Gail, I don’t have Paypal or Zoom.”

Okay, well then you can send me a check, but you won’t be able to come into today’s class. Go to to get started to do the Zoom Yoga Class.

“Ms. Gail, I went ahead and downloaded Zoom.”

Again, I’ll need payment prior to you coming into class. Hey, I need to go teach class, let’s catch up later and get you into next weeks class.

Be sure to look at all the tutorials, that I have listed on how to do Online Yoga with me ==> on how to do a Zoom class with me!

Beginners Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger

Online Yoga Classes Near Me – Or You!

Hi everyone!

I’ve had several organizations contact me to provide online yoga classes for their clients, students, co-workers.

Using the Zoom videoconferencing, Facebook Live Private yoga class or a private Youtube Video link works well in providing content to different groups.

My Beginners Gentle Yoga class that I held weekly at Wesley UMC, has now pivoted over to a weekly online Zoom Yoga room. My students are enjoying still getting weekly content!

Online Yoga during our world’s health crisis.

Additionally various groups have enjoyed either a Zoom Yoga room, or private links to youtube videos!

Yoga for Active Aging - Don't like to get down on the floor? No problem, chair yoga is the answer!
Yoga for Active Aging – Don’t like to get down on the floor? No problem, chair yoga is the answer!

Need a regular yoga class for your organization? Student athletes? Active Aging communities? Chair yoga? Beginners? Even a story time kids yoga class can be done.

I invite you to contact me to set up a class for you and your community, to get to stressing less, easing back pain, increasing flexibility, condition through yoga’s cross training body benefits and more.

Contact Gail at or through my facebook page or contact form!

I want to hear from you!

Chair Yoga does that Why yes, it does!
Healthy Back Class with Gail Pickens-Barger
Healthy Back Class with Gail Pickens-Barger. You Don’t Have To Bend Like A Pretzel To Do Yoga!
Yoga for Low Back Pain
Discover how to do yoga for Low Back Pain. Online Yoga with Gail. One on One, or group online classes.