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Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger.  Serving Beaumont, Bridge City, Port Arthur, Orange, Orangefield, Port Neches, Groves & Nederland, Texas.  Over 20 years teaching experience.
Yoga with Gail Pickens-Barger. Serving Beaumont, Bridge City, Port Arthur, Orange, Orangefield, Port Neches, Groves & Nederland, Texas. Over 20 years teaching experience.


GAIL PICKENS-BARGER -Yoga Teacher in Nederland, Texas

Pain relief through movement – Get you back to feeling better!

409-727-3177 to get your business, employees, groups or private chair yoga or beginners yoga to your folks.  Help them feel better!

  • Tuesdays: 6:00 PM CST – In-Person. Starts back up 2022 on the “Third” Tuesday of March at Wesley UMC, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas $10
  • Wednesdays: 12:30 PM CST – An online class for Veterans and First Responders – a healthy backs class
  • Fridays: 10:30 AM CST – In-Person at the Lakeside Best Years Senior Center in Beaumont Texas

Gail Pickens-Barger is a yoga teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience. 

Yoga with Gail. In-person, chair, Veterans, Gentle & Kids Classes. Online, Gentle Yoga, yoga for back care, building bones, meditation


She first used yoga during the birth and pregnancy of her first child.  Fifteen years later, became a yoga teacher.  Gail’s 200 hours was through YogaFit International Training Systems, and more recently her 500-hour certificate was through Lex Gillan’s The Yoga Institute.  Gail recently finished a Yoga Nidra course through Wise Owl Yoga and Yoga Nidra course from YogaFit International Training Systems. Training from the Veterans Yoga Project’s Mindful Resilience for Trauma Recovery & Mindful Resilience Compassion Fatigue. More recently, Gail has studied with both Dr. Timothy McCall, Dr. Loren Fishman, YogaBerry and Matthew Sandford. Gail has finished her studies to become a Low Back Care Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Vista Academy. Next up are training in Tai Chi, Yoga for Cancer to incorporate into the yoga classes that she currently teaches.

Gail currently teaches a Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care class on Facebook Live for the Online Streaming Classes effort for the Veterans Yoga Project. In addition to teaching a weekly beginners yoga class and a chair yoga class, Gail teaches a free Kids Yoga class to the Pre-K class at her church and teaches Adaptive Yoga for Multiple Sclerosis for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  

Gail originally came into contact with the Veterans Yoga Project, after reading an article on Baxter Bell’s Yoga for Healthy Aging Website.  The article talked specifically about volunteering to provide a free yoga class for veterans and to raise funds to support the Veterans Yoga Project during Veterans Gratitude Week.  Gail likes to do karma yoga for raising funds for local food missions, raised funds for church playground equipment, Girl Scouts, and such, and the providing free class for veterans and raising funds seemed like a worthwhile effort.

So for the past six years, Gail has hosted several classes to benefit the Veterans Gratitude Week for VYP.  

More recently Gail was contacted by the local VA to present chair yoga to the vets in the Beaumont/Orange Texas area.  In doing so, Gail came into contact with Brianna Renner, who assisted her tremendously in providing a class format, that would present the 5 tools that VYP uses in providing classes.  

Gail has gone onto doing the Mindful Resilience Training & Mindful Resilience Compassion Fatigue training provided by the Veterans Yoga Project and hopes to in the near future provide an in-person weekly class to area veterans. 

MORE INFO??  If you want the details about how I got started and the benefits, scroll on down.

What I want you to do though is explore my site to see about yoga:

This will get you started!  Love to hear from you! Contact me

The Basics then?   * Lessen Back Pain * Lower Stress * Lose Weight * Increase Flexibility  * Build Bone Mass * Ease Pregnancy Challenges. * Better Balance * Gain Strength.

Ring that singing bowl with Gail - Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care!
Ring that singing bowl with Gail – Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care!

More About Me? I was practicing yoga poses during my first pregnancy, over 25 years ago.  Yoga helped me tremendously in dealing with some rather challenging natural childbirths. Since then my interest in Yoga restarted after I retired from Information Technology at DuPont.

I’ve done all the workouts, Jazzercise, Step Aerobics, Karate, Weight Lifting, Hi-Low, Power Walking, Dance Fitness–and more!  While all those exercise formats are great, I keep coming back to yoga to help me feel more balanced, calm, lessening aches and pains, and keeping my muscles and bones in tip-top shape. Since 2001 – I’ve taught over 4500 teaching hours on the yoga mat and 21 years of teaching experience.

Gail in Mongolia
Gail in Mongolia

What my clients tell me:

  • They feel less stressed after a yoga session.
  • Their back pain and sciatica challenges have been reduced.
  • Yoga breathing techniques helped one client lessen her anxiety during her dentist visits, and was able to limit the novocaine shots during her dental work….with her breathing!
  • Private client was able to build her strength through her sessions with me.

I find that there are very few beginner yoga classes, offered in my community.  The yoga that I teach help you become familiar with the majority of the yoga poses that you’d encounter in yoga classes.  I do like to have fun in class (because if I can get you laughing, then you’ll get those “good feeling” endorphins a going in your brain) and give you a good workout and a great relaxation at the end of class.  Something that your body will say, “Ahhhh!” right after your mind has chilled out!

PLUS, if your schedule and my style of yoga does not match up with you, I keep up to date with who teaches what style of yoga in the area.  Then I can refer you onto the other awesome instructors in our Golden Triangle Area.  Including Bridge City, Orange, Vidor, Beaumont, Sour Lake, Port Arthur, Port Neches, Nederland, Groves, and even Crystal Beach!

Styles of yoga that I currently teach are: 

  • New to Yoga – Beginners (I love beginners!!!)
  • Private lessons (Great for Beginners or working on a challenge – Osteoporosis, Anxiety, Range of motion challenges, Developing a Regular Practice, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Children, Tweens & Teen
  • Chair Yoga, seated or using the chair as a prop
  • Cross training for the Athlete
  • Stress Reduction & Meditation
Doing “Snake” pose with the  YogaKiddos!
#ChairYogaFitness Poses = Yoga + Chair = Big Time Fun!
More fun with the YogaKiddos!
* Lessen Back Pain


* Lower Stress
* Lose Weight

* Increase Flexibility.

* Build Bone Mass

* Ease Pregnancy Challenges.

* Better Balance

* Gain Strength.

Through Private One on One Yoga Lessons.

Inquiries: Call (not text) 409-727-3177, leave a message.


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