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Teaching during COVID-19

YOGA FOR a HEALTHY BACK on my personal Zoom
NOW Mondays, 6:00-7:00pm CST

One of the Veterans that regularly takes my Yoga for Low Back Pain class on the Veteran’s Yoga Project had this to say about this class that I teach.

Gail talking.
“Hey Don, welcome back! Hope this helped you! Let me know!”
Don – Veteran
“Yes it always helps! I’m similar to you: chronic back pain for 20-30 years, and since I started doing yoga in Tucson and more recently on-line, my back is much better. Not completely gone, but a heck of a lot better!”

Doesn’t get much better than that!

Mondays at 6 PM CST

Gail’s Special “Yoga for a Healthy Back” Online Classes

I offer these special LIVE STREAMING sessions once a week on Zoom.

You can only sign up for them here! It is pretty simple to do:

1) Sign up for a free Zoom account.

2) Send payment to me no later than 60 min prior to the start of class:
$10 USD per class, or $35 for 4 classes

a) PayPal account (please select “personal” or “friend”) to bargersb@yahoo.com or

b) https://paypal.me/Yogawithgail/10 for one class, price $10

c) https://paypal.me/Yogawithgail/35 for 4 classes, price $35

3) Once I have received your payment, I will send you the Meeting ID for each class.

4) For class packages, email me the day of the class you want to attend at least an hour before class time, and I will send you the link!

5) You can sign in and enter the “waiting room” as early as 15 minutes before class, I will greet you a bit before class starts and we will begin session promptly at the top of the hour.

What to do about props?
Check out my video for DIY ideas on how to be ready for your home experience:

Yoga with Gail
Just some ideas of the gear one can buy, or find items in your home to use for Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care Class!

What people are saying about the online yoga classes with Gail!

Online Classes with Gail
Online Classes with Gail Pickens-Barger.  Now Online in the Zoom Yoga Room with Gail

Why do Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Back Class.

What else?
View the video on creating your own yoga props for your class.

One Last Thing… Be sure to wear either layer for your top or a form-fitting top.  We do a pose in our Beginners Yoga class called, Downward Facing Dog.  You basically look like an “Upside Down” Letter, “V”, and sometimes shirts will ride up your backside!  Whoops!  Here’s my young daughter demonstrating!


PRIVATE YOGA LESSONS – One on One Lessons. 

These to be held online.   In either Mid-County or Beaumont Texas. Please call 409-727-3177 for additional inquiries.

Yoga can help you:

  • Ease your back pain
  • Help to lose weight
  • Lessen one’s stress
  • Increase flexibility
  • Gain strength
  • Ease pregnancy challenges
  • Build bone mass
  • Better your balance





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