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Thursdays, Starting July 13th, 10am at Wesley UMC, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas. $5  Held in the foyer of the church sanctuary.  Give me a call, leave a voice message to Gail at 409-727-3177.  See how chair yoga can help you!


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30 Days of Yoga #30daysofyoga Nederland, Texas

30 Days of Yoga #30daysofyoga Nederland, Texas with Gail Pickens-Barger

Soooooo many 30 Days of FREE yoga out on youtube these days.  I have my favorites of course, but I’d thought I’d list them out for you, the ones that I found for 2018.


#30DaysofYoga #YogaWithGaileee My 2018 Youtube list of 30 day yoga programs!
So many 30 Day yoga programs out there, here is part 2 #30DaysofYoga #YogaWithGaileee
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Private Yoga Lesson in Nederland & Beaumont Tx. With Experienced Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger


International and Experienced Yoga Teacher Gail Pickens-Barger Gaileee Student Testimonials for yoga practiced with Gail Pickens-Barger

Student Testimonials for yoga practiced with Gail Pickens-Barger

Click Here ===> To see what my students have to say over at my Google Business site, about the yoga that I teach in Jefferson Mid-County, Nederland Texas.

“I need your class to help my legs and my back feel better and when I don’t come to class, my stress levels become very high.” Winter 2005
Linda, a Beginning and Intermediate Yoga student
Victoria, Texas

Service Project Coordinator II at Johnson Controls
“I decided to start Yoga Class in June 2014. I was fortunate to pick Gail’s Yoga Class @ Wesley UMC. I appreciated the fact that she told us that everyone’s body was different and we were not to compare ourselves to others. With that in mind, I was able to do what I could do and not worry about the others in the class that were more flexible and a lot younger.

During these few months, because of the lessons that I have learned from Gail, I am more flexible than before, I no longer have pain in my lower back nor hips, I have lost weight, I have more energy and my stress level has decreased. I really did not realize that Yoga could improve my health like it has. I’m so glad that I decided to start training with Gail. Gail’s Yoga lessons have improved my physical self and she also has also helped my spiritual self by reading scriptures at the beginning of each class. She understands the importance of body, mind and spirit.”
September 9, 2014, Tanya studied with Gail at Monday Yoga class at 6:15 pm at Wesley United Methodist Church, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas 77627

          Tanya, a Beginner Yoga student
           Nederland, Texas

“I did thoroughly enjoy your prenatal yoga classes–the physical activity was wonderful. Also, I truly enjoyed the community of pregnant women in tune with our bodies and so positive and hopeful about the tiny bodies, minds and spirits of the babies in our tummies. I think attending your classes made the L&D (Labor and Delivery) of my second baby even easier and smoother than that of our first baby.” March 2006
Amy, Prenatal Yoga student
Victoria, Texas


“Gail is one of the most pleasant persons I have ever met. I was excited about my private lessons but anxious about my performance. I work out strenuously most days of the week. I had neglected flexibility which I know is one of the three important kinds of fitness training that also include aerobics and strength training. She set me at ease and helped me make constant adjustments that would help me improve. Before we even started she conducted a detailed interview regarding my health and goals. All lessons were individualized and well planned. Nothing was “canned” or repetitive. I walked away from every lesson with some printed materials to help me in my yoga practice.

I continue to try to make any of Gail’s group classes and plan some more private lessons in the near future. As a nurse practitioner I am familiar with many valid studies conducted by western medical centers that point up the substantial benefits of yoga as both a replacement and assistance with medication. I highly recommend Gail as a wonderful ambassador and instructor for yoga.
By the way-I wore my heart rate monitor during many of the sessions and was surprised at the heart rate elevation during parts of the lesson.”

Norma, Private Yoga student
Beaumont, Texas


“I’d never taken a yoga class before a friend insisted I “at least try” Gail”s Beginning Yoga class. I found it to be a wonderful experience for my out-of-shape condition! I couldn’t do everything the rest of the class did, but Gail set a level of comfort in every class, where I felt comfortable in making whatever accomodations necessary for my particular problems. She assisted and made suggestions, but I was free to make whatever adaptations were comfortable for me. After foot surgery, I wore a walking orthopedic boot to class, and gradually began working back up to where I’d been before I missed a few weeks. After Gail moved, I tried two other classes, same title, but the instructors really didn’t “get” what beginning means. The last time I went, I really hurt my knee. My fault for not accepting my limitations, but the comfort zone was just not the same. If you don’t get to go to every class, you will lose continuity in some classes by having to look at the instructor continually because they abbreviate instructions. Not with Gail! She has a wonderful smooth flowing rhythm of speaking that allows you to totally focus on your own movements. Really miss the comfortable, friendly atmosphere of Gail’s class! Always very professional, Gail makes it fun, relaxing, and rewarding, and always has a smile that says, “I love teaching yoga!” Always made me leave with a smile too, thinking, “I love Gail’s class!” May 2007
Patsy, a 65 year “young” Gentle Beginning Yoga student
Victoria, Texas


“I felt like I needed to purr right after your class.” January 2008
Phyllis, a Fat Burning Yoga student
Beaumont, Texas


“Feeling very relaxed after a session and my pain in my back has eased up considerably. I sleep better at night. I feel energized.” Fall 2005
Jane, a Beginning Yoga student
Victoria, Texas


“I always enjoyed your Gentle Yoga class because it was excellent for a beginning class and after it I always felt so much better after all the stretching. As a teacher you were so good about offering modifications for difficult poses and with all your class you were so concise about the directions part of the effects of feeling so good at the end was being so relaxed I could always keep my eyes closed and with your instruction still be certain I was able to follow the moves.” Spring 2007
Judy, a Fibromyalgia sufferer and a Gentle Beginning Yoga student
Victoria, Texas


“After my first yoga session, I was able to go to sleep without my sleep aid medication.” Spring 2007
Helen, a Free Will Yoga participant
Nederland, Texas


“In taking Gail’s class, I don’t miss my Vioxx as much. I’m not having any spasms in my left leg. I can manage my stress better.” Summer 2005
Brenda, a Fibromyalgia sufferer and a Gentle Beginning Yoga student
Victoria, Texas


“I was able to do all of the poses, with a few modifications, when I took your ‘back yoga’ class. My back feels so good afterwards.” Spring 2007
Mildred, a Yoga class participant from the YMCA
Port Arthur, Texas


“I throughly enjoyed seeing the demonstration of the neti pot during one of our yoga classes.” Winter 2008
From Katherine, a Beginning Yoga student
Nederland, Texas


“I really enjoyed all your classes, the beginning, intermediate, and the Yoga with weights. You were very professional, caring, and all knowing of all aspects of yoga. I wish you were still here.” Spring 2007
From Lucy, an Intermediate Yoga participant
Victoria, Texas


International and Experienced Yoga Teacher Gail Pickens-Barger Gaileee Kids Yoga Yoga Yoga for Kiddos Yoga for Kids YogaKiddos YogaKiddos in Nederland Texas

Yoga Kit for Kids — Cards, Music and Booklet

Yoga Kit for Kids

Yoga Kit for Kids.  A set of cards, Music for Yoga in two tracks of 20 minutes.  A handbook telling about the poses, the benefit of yoga for kids.  This Kit is set up for one to take to a school environment.

Shark, Locust Pose

Shark, Locust Pose

I tell you, Grace and I had fun with this.  Can’t believe she is only 3 years and 10 months old.  Take a look!

Here is grace doing Shark Pose (like in the yoga card demo).

Ribbett, Frog Pose

Kermit!  Frog Pose

And another in Frog Pose…

Then another in Lion…..

Roar!  Lion’s Breath

A bit of cobra, lions breath


And here are a few other poses that Grace enjoyed!!

Butterfly, Candle, Cat, Fish, Cat with raised leg, Flower, but looks like Turtle and Down Dog!


Little Fish


Three Legged Dog

Down Dog