Kids Yoga in SETX. Nederland, Orange, Beaumont, Port Neches, Port Arthur, Texas

I love it that schools are getting into wanting yoga or mindful exercise options for their students.

Boat Pose during YogaKiddos!  Yoga with Gail, yoga near me
My kiddo featured on Kids Yoga Stories Website.

There are several of the local yoga teachers in this area, who are teacher trained in helping kiddos with stress management, storytime yoga, and yoga kids birthday parties!

Pssst, also great for enhancing one’s turnout, and proper cross-training  – conditioning & stretching techniques for all the sports that kids and youth are involved in these days!

Noah's Ark Yoga theme with YogaKiddos at Wesley's Mothers Day Out Program
Noah’s Ark, Kids Yoga Theme – November 2019

I am an ambassador for the annual international Kids Yoga Day, the first Friday in April!  This past April we read a story (love using literacy in teaching kids yoga), then we selected a few characters from the storybook and did yoga poses.  In the top two frames we are doing owl pose and then flamingo pose.  A little stretching the side body on the bottom, then a reflection and a prayer right before they go to eat.

KidsYogaDay Celebration.  Every first week of April!  I am an ambassador for the #kidsyogaday
#Kidsyogaday #yogawithgaileee #yogakiddos #wesleyumcnederlandtx


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