Children Yoga Story Time with Alfred’s Alphabet Walk book by Victoria Chess

Introducing, Victoria Chess’s, “Alfred’s Alphabet Walk Book”.  Alfred’s mom wants him to learn his alphabet, but Alfred hid his ABC book.  He goes for a walk and encounters all things from A to Z.

“Alfred walked on and came to a grove to Quince trees. A Quarrelsome Queen bee came buzzing by, so he did not pick any Quinces.”

The yoga poses you could do with your youth, *just* from this page could be:

  • Tree
  • Queen (plough) Pose
  • Bee Breath
  • Quinces (pretending to eat a quince)

How cool is that?  Another book for you to hunt up and use in your yoga childrens class!

Click here to find this book on Amazon!

Kids will love this book!   Gaileee

Yoga Kit for Kids — Cards, Music and Booklet

Yoga Kit for Kids.  A set of cards, Music for Yoga in two tracks of 20 minutes.  A handbook telling about the poses, the benefit of yoga for kids.  This Kit is setup for one to take to a school environment.

I tell you, Grace and I had fun with this.  Can’t believe she is only 3 years and 10 months old.  Take a look! 

Here is grace doing Shark Pose (like in the yoga card demo).

And another in Frog Pose…

Then another in Lion…..

And here are a few other poses that Grace enjoyed!!

Butterfly, Candle, Cat, Fish, Cat with raised leg, Flower, but looks like Turtle and Down Dog!