Yoga helps with back pain

See what a Veteran has to say about the Yoga for Low Back Pain class that I teach!

One of the Veterans that regularly takes my Yoga for Low Back Pain class on the Veteran’s Yoga Project had this to say about this class that I teach.

Gail talking.
“Hey Don, welcome back! Hope this helped you! Let me know!”
Don – Veteran
“Yes it always helps! I’m similar to you: chronic back pain for 20-30 years, and since I started doing yoga in Tucson and more recently on-line, my back is much better. Not completely gone, but a heck of a lot better!”

Doesn’t get much better than that!

Even I, a yoga teacher struggled with back pain.
Turns out, some of the yoga poses I was doing was contributing to my back pain.

My pain levels were between a 6 – 9. I had to use a cane, and walker at some point.

I investigated in Yoga Vista’s online training for Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care.

I am a convert now. My pain levels are now anywhere’s between a 0 and level 3. For me that is significant.

So this is my niche. I teach Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care. Great for beginners, those new to yoga, and those of us with back challenges.

The yoga class is on Wednesdays at 6:15 PM CST (think Texas). My hope for you is to feel better.

You might get some other benefits too! Better balance, higher quality sleep, increased flexibility & strength, building bones, better joint mobility, you might even lose weight with a regular practice.

Join me for next week’s class. IF my class time does not match with your schedule a private yoga session, or getting a weekly video for you to do in the privacy of your home might be better for you.

Then you’ll get the registration link for Zoom (or the video 1-2 days later).Call me for your questions. 409-727-3177.

Yoga on Wednesdays at 6:15 PM

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