Chair Yoga Does That? Yes, yes it does!

Originally posted on Chair Yoga Fitness – Gail Pickens-Barger:
Chair Yoga does that? Why, yes, yes it does! Lower blood pressure, Better Joint Mobility, Build Bones, Ease Back Pain, Better Sleep, plus: Improve: Circulation, Strength, Flexibility, and the Breath! Lower blood pressure Better Joint Mobility Build Bones Ease Back Pain Better Sleep Plus: Improve: Circulation,…

Top Picks for Office Yoga

Lessen that stress, ease wrist, and back pain with these top sites for doing Office Yoga with your desk and chair! Call Gail Pickens-Barger, to arrange for your 30 minutes Office Yoga Class that can be conducted over Zoom. Lessen Stress, Ease Hip & Back Pain, and Have Better Sleep for you and your employees.Continue reading “Top Picks for Office Yoga”