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RestoraFlow Yoga. Sequences to help ease upper and lower back pain by Sara Varona

Sara Varona, of created this sequence to assist in easing your lower and upper back pain. She gave me permission to post it on my display at my recent Yoga Booth at a Health Fair.

She also shows on her website, the different things that she does in helping a client in their private yoga practice. Here is her video listed at the end of this specific ezine going through the poses pictured on the right.

I took lots of notes, taught these sequences to my various yoga classes, and people noticed how much better their backs felt after going through the sequences. It is a 40 minute google video, to get your pen an pencil ready, take notes, practice and come back and back to this wonderful sequence of yoga poses.

The model in the photos is one of my daughters. She is in the process of training to be a yoga teacher. She is already a wonderful Ballet teacher. She has also taught tap, modern, jazz and creative dance.



What my booth looked like at the Health Fair

So here is what my booth looked like at the Health Fair. I stood out in front of the booth, in the yoga mat area and talked to folks about yoga, gave out information, had people enter the yoga giveaways, get a snack (very popular), and demonstrated poses. It worked out very well.

I used some of my materials from my scrapbook days (sizzlets alphabets), and corner rounders for the photos. Had my students write up testimonials and showed a vinyasa of easing upper and lower back pain from RestoraFlow Yoga creator, Sara Varona. Passed out information from YogaFit too!

Additionally, I took my YogaFit Kids cards, and displayed a Sun Salutation, as I thought that people might ask about kids yoga that way (yeah, they did).

I did giveaways for yoga mats, private lessons, free classes and a 3 month family membership to the local YMCA (thanks Port Arthur YMCA!!).