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How to: Ease Chronic Back Pain. It’s Yoga

How to: Ease Chronic Back Pain. It’s Yoga – Beginners Yoga Nederland, Texas.  Yoga Near Me.

Beginning Yoga Series, starts back up Monday, Mid January 2020 at 6:15 PM.

All these studies, shows evidence of using yoga to ease back pain.  I am a Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care specialist.  Love to see you one on one, or in my public classes.

National Institutes of Health – article on Yoga eases moderate to severe chronic low back pain

Boston University study find it’s as good as physcial therapy for relieving lower back pain

NPR – National Public Radio reports – study finds yoga can help back pain, but keep it gentle with these poses, as heard on Morning Edition.

There are even some guides on this article!

Science Daily Reports – Yoga helps back pain among veterans! –

Time Magazine states, Yoga works as well as physical therapy for Back Pain –

Consumer Reports – Try Yoga for Back Pain

New Back Pain Guidelines from Consumer Reports –

At Wesley United Methodist Church, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas.

This beginners class is $10, where you dress comfortably, bring a yoga mat and learn the poses to assist you in easing your back challenges.

I’ve included some research and links for you to pursue into looking into doing yoga for your challenges. Don’t take my word for it, do a bit of research yourself!  In the mean time if you have questions, give me a call at 409-727-3177.  Gail Pickens-Barger International & Registered Yoga Teacher.  Over 18 years teaching experience!

Yoga eases back pain


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Gifts under $50 for Yoga & Fitness

Gifts under $50 for Yoga & Fitness

These are some of my favorites for using in my fitness and yoga practice.  Enjoy!

Gift Guide For the Yogi
These are great to have for your home practice.  My next gift list is specific for aiding one to ease their back pain!
Yoga Gift Guide for under $50
My favorite tools for using in yoga classes and personal fitness. Help ease the pain from the body using these various tools and books!

rbg-bookTake a look at this review of The RGB Workout. I was so impressed I bought a book for me and a book for my over 90 year old mom!






Another “find” is the Stretch Out Strap by I first ran into this particular looped yoga strap over 17 years ago, when I took the two day YogaFit for Seniors training with Rita Joseph.  The class included using poses seated on the chair, behind the chair, a block, ball, and this really cool strap. You did not have to use your “grip” but threaded your hand into the loops to use the strap in your practice. My chair yoga clients love it, plus so do my 440-2_stretch-out-strap-with-guidebeginners yoga clients. Well worth getting (and pick the version with the added poster)! Check out this other instructor who reviews the Stretch Out Strap!

I use the stretch out strap in my 12 yoga poses for preventing osteoporosis / osteopenia routine.  It is just so easy to loop the hands in the “loops” to do the Hand to Foot Number 1 Pose and the Hand to Foot Number 2 Pose.  handtofoot1pose  handtofoot2pose
I cannot easily reach out to the side without my stretch out strap without lifting my opposite side of my body.  So with the stretch out strap, it is so much easier to do!

Fit Simply Resistance Loop Exercise Bands.  Found this little jewel at one of my daughter’s homes.  She was using the bands in a pilates routine that she did on a regular basis.

1-mod-circle-510x545I looked up the band on the website, and purchased a set for myself.  I didn’t really start using the bands until I was encountering some back pain.  Turns out I needed to start turning on some major hip flexors and glute muscles to start to get myself out of pain.  I turned to these bands, and sure enough I now do the famous pilates “clam” exercises with varied resistance levels.  Wow, it works, but you have to keep up the daily work, to stay out of pain.  Coach Sofia has some good information via her site, facebook & youtube in using the resistance loop bands. Plus a lot on the piriformis syndrome and what to do about it.

Coach Sofia demonstration of clams with a resistance loop band.
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Stress Relievers for the Modern Man – It’s Yoga

Stress Relievers for the Modern Man – It’s Yoga.

Come join us on Mondays at 6:15 PM for Beginners Yoga at Wesley United Methodist Church, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas. Just $10, you, and a yoga mat, comfortable clothing.

Start you on your journey to less stress through gentle movement, breath work, easing of aches and pains along the way, and strengtheners for the body’s muscles and the mind.

End with a restful guided relaxation, that will make you feel rested and at ease.

Questions?  Call me Gail Pickens-Barger at (409) 727-3177.  I will return your call.

do things a bit differently. beginners yoga with gail pickens-barger. mondays 6_15 pm at wesley umc, 3515 helena avenue, nederland, texas. $10 to get your stress relief going!


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RestoraFlow Yoga. Sequences to help ease upper and lower back pain by Sara Varona

Sara Varona, of created this sequence to assist in easing your lower and upper back pain. She gave me permission to post it on my display at my recent Yoga Booth at a Health Fair.

She also shows on her website, the different things that she does in helping a client in their private yoga practice. Here is her video listed at the end of this specific ezine going through the poses pictured on the right.

I took lots of notes, taught these sequences to my various yoga classes, and people noticed how much better their backs felt after going through the sequences. It is a 40 minute google video, to get your pen an pencil ready, take notes, practice and come back and back to this wonderful sequence of yoga poses.

The model in the photos is one of my daughters. She is in the process of training to be a yoga teacher. She is already a wonderful Ballet teacher. She has also taught tap, modern, jazz and creative dance.



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Oh, Your Achin’ Back! (Yoga Helps!)

Oh, Your Achin’ Back

Sad to say, most of us will have back pain at some point in our lives, but the best cures are surprising low-tech, says Luke Madigan, MD, a spine specialist at Knoxville Orthopaedic Clinic in Tennessee. Some easy yet effective options:

Do next to nothing. In a review of more than 70 studies analyzed by Dr. Madigan, 90% of patients with back pain felt better three months after a flare-up, whether they used an anti-inflammatory (like Advil) or a heating pad or did daily stretching.

Relax. “Research has shown that meditation and gentle yoga can help relieve back pain,” says Susan Evans, PhD, director of the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program at Weill Cornell Medical College. That’s probably because they decrease muscle tension and your perception of how bad the discomfort really is. Abigal Cuffey, for the July 7, 2009 Womans Day Magazine.

So, come to Yoga Next Monday night, June 22, 2009 at 7 p.m. for a bit of Gentle Beginning Back Yoga with Gaileee. (Soon to be an Internationally Known Yoga Teacher).