Yoga practice with a pacemaker

This is a great article! Thank you for blogging this. I’ve added it to the Yoga and Pacemaker/ICD facebook group. Yoga with Gaileee


Today, like every other day, I closed my yoga class by advising everyone that I’m available for questions. Normally, I’m able answer most questions. Today, not so much or at least not to my satisfaction.

An older gentleman approached me and told me he has a pacemaker in his chest, he’s been cleared to exercise and currently runs and swims, he has some scar tissue, and he wanted to know what I knew about yoga and people with pacemaker’s. I advised him that he had the distinct honor of being my first pacemaker client (to my knowledge). He also went on to tell me that he has wires in his chest that connect from the pacemaker to his heart.

I humbly told him that I personally didn’t have any specific information to provide as I hadn’t learned anything addressing pacemakers and yoga. However, I told him to definitely listen to…

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