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Yoga in Korea ICN airport.

I’m walking by the lounge in the Korea (ICN) airport with a 7 hour layover, and there is an advertisement for a yoga session. Hmmmm, need to see what that is all about!

Taught a prenatal yoga class in Mongolia, where the custom is that you do not get down on the floor in a public setting. Had to really change up what I was going to teach. Good thing I created two lesson plans, and one of them was to do poses in the chair for prenatal yoga!

Also taught a private yoga lesson for Amber’s Chamber of Commerce director in Avraikheer. The emphasis on poses for back issues.

Additionally, showed Patrick and the director, the YogaFit Flying Bird vinyasa, and one of my favorites, the YogaFit Twisted Chair vinyasa (or maybe that is my vinyasa, but I’m just presenting the poses in the traditional YogaFit format). Definately got their (and mine) heart rate up, just with those vinyasas and a few Salute to the Suns.

p.s. See you soon in the states!
p.s.s. I guess I’m an international yoga teacher now.