StarFruit ZaZen Zafu ZaButton Meditation Cushion

StarFruit ZaZen Zafu ZaButton Meditation Cushion! Cool. Look what my mom made me after I took a photo of one at Lex Gillan’s Advance Yoga training in 2013. Cool! #privateyoga #privateyogawithgaileee #IlovewhatIdo #privatelesson4yoga #1-409-727-3177

Hot Flashes and Yoga!

Are you having hot flashes?  Heart palpitations?  Maybe yoga can help.  I know I’m going to start doing this sequence as recommended by De-Stress Yoga with Mimi, and from “The Women’s Book of Yoga & Health” by Linda Sparrowe and Patricia Walden, to help me with my issues.  Here are the sequences. Bound Angle PoseContinue reading “Hot Flashes and Yoga!”