Yoga for the Second Week of July 2020

Here are this weeks videos for the Second Week of July 2020. I teach for the #NationalMSSociety and the #VeteransYogaProject organizations. I’m giving you links to the videos. Be sure to “Subscribe”, “Like”, and “Hit the Bell” for updates on my weekly content. Thank you. Gentle Yoga for Low Back Care for the Veterans YogaContinue reading “Yoga for the Second Week of July 2020”

Top Picks for Office Yoga

Lessen that stress, ease wrist, and back pain with these top sites for doing Office Yoga with your desk and chair! Call Gail Pickens-Barger, to arrange for your 30 minutes Office Yoga Class that can be conducted over Zoom. Lessen Stress, Ease Hip & Back Pain, and Have Better Sleep for you and your employees.Continue reading “Top Picks for Office Yoga”