Class Passes for Beginners Yoga – Nederland, Texas

Class passes for beginners yoga – Nederland, Texas

I passed out six class passes this past Monday in Beginners Yoga class.  This was to reward my students to enjoy a regular yoga practice.  I have three more to pass out next Monday.

When I taught Zumba I’d have a class pack that one could purchase, and it would expire.  Being a little small business, all this was done by notebook and pen.  I earned a lot of money for the church by doing business this way, and through the yoga and Zumba classes, we contributed a lot toward the children’s playground equipment at Wesley.  Thank you so much for coming to Wesley for your classes.  You are helping your community!

Now a days I like to host classes that support the #VeteransYogaProject, or the United Board of Missions, or Back Pack Food Ministry at the church.  Again, thank you!  See you on the mat, YogaKiddos, or on the chair!

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3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas. Mondays 6:15 PM, Thursdays 10:00 AM. 


I Howl, I Growl, Texas Babies – YogaKiddos

I Howl, I Growl, Texas Babies – YogaKiddos in Nederland, Texas

Today we are doing YogaKiddos from these two books!  While visiting the gift shop at Big Bend National Park, I picked up these two books.  They are awesome.  We’ll do this in YogaKiddos today!



I Howl, I Growl, Texas Babies!  Such sweet books!  We get to howl and growl with your YogaKiddos poses today at Wesley UMC in Nederland, Texas.  The preK class!

Chair Yoga Thursdays at 10 am – Nederland, Texas

Chair Yoga Thursdays at 10 am – Nederland, Texas

Need easy opened canned goods:  Meats (Dinty Moore Stews, Spaghetti with meat), Fruits

CY 2019

You Don’t Have to Bend Like a Pretzel to do Yoga!  Even Better, Yoga seated on the chair, or using the chair while we stand.  Gail Pickens-Barger, 409-727-3177

Beginners Yoga starts back up Monday, March 25, 2019 in Nederland, Texas

Beginners Yoga starts back up Monday, March 25, 2019 in Nederland, Texas

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No yoga, March 18th.  Beginners Yoga starts back up Monday, 6:15 PM March 25th, 2019.  Held at Wesley UMC, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas.  Call Gail at 409-727-3177 on your yoga questions.  Thank you

Alright, Let’s Do this! Yoga for Beginners

Alright, Let’s Do This!  Yoga for Beginners!

Thursday at 10:00 AM Beginners Chair Yoga – $5

Starting back up Monday, March 25th 6:15 PM Beginners Yoga with a  yoga mat – $10


Beginners Chair Yoga.  You Don’t have to bend like a pretzel to do Yoga! At Wesley UMC, 3515 Helena Avenue, Nederland, Texas.  Call Gail at 409-727-3177 on your yoga questions.

Beginners Yoga in Nederland, Texas. March 2019

Beginners  Yoga in Nederland, Texas, March 2019

Beginners Yoga Monday at 6:15 PM $10 with Experienced Yoga Teacher, Gail Pickens-Barger.  Over 18 years of teaching experience.

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Discover how to: lessen stress, ease back pain, increase flexibility, lose weight, gain strength, build bone mass & better your balance (and about 100 other health conditions helped by a regular yoga practice), with Gail Pickens-Barger.  Call me 409-727-3177, if you have any questions, or want to see if this class is okay for you!  This is not a texting phone, I want to speak to you!  409-727-3177.  Thank you!