StarFruit ZaZen Zafu ZaButton Meditation Cushion

StarFruit ZaZen Zafu ZaButton Meditation Cushion! Cool. Look what my mom made me after I took a photo of one at Lex Gillan’s Advance Yoga training in 2013. Cool! #privateyoga #privateyogawithgaileee #IlovewhatIdo #privatelesson4yoga #1-409-727-3177

Stiff Achy Neck, Sewing yoga for you!

On SewNews January 2007 issue, they described the Yoga for Sewers series. Now in looking at the poses that Kat presents, you could use these poses to help you in the office environment too! Here is a little snippit from the SewNews site: YOGA MEANS “UNION” IN SANSKRIT. When yoga is practiced, movement and breathContinue reading “Stiff Achy Neck, Sewing yoga for you!”