Veterans Yoga Project – Gentle Yoga for Low Back Classes

Teaching again for the Veterans Yoga Project – Online Streaming classes during our world’s health crisis. Yay for VYP for stepping up to the plate and providing online content for our Vets, active military personnel, families and friends (that’s almost everybody). Check out VYPOnlineStreamingClasses on Facebook, or the varied resources on I have overContinue reading “Veterans Yoga Project – Gentle Yoga for Low Back Classes”

StarFruit ZaZen Zafu ZaButton Meditation Cushion

StarFruit ZaZen Zafu ZaButton Meditation Cushion! Cool. Look what my mom made me after I took a photo of one at Lex Gillan’s Advance Yoga training in 2013. Cool! #privateyoga #privateyogawithgaileee #IlovewhatIdo #privatelesson4yoga #1-409-727-3177

Details on the Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

Details on the benefits of a regular Yoga practice.Discover how to: lose weight, eliminate your stress, increase your flexibility, build your strength using Yoga * Help you lose weight: Many forms of yoga raise the heart rate into the aerobic range. But you don’t need to exert yourself to lose weight with yoga. Some studiesContinue reading “Details on the Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice”

Noah’s Ark ABC Yoga for Children by Gaileee

This past summer at Vacation Bible School, I did Noah’s Ark ABC Yoga for Children. For the Pre-Kindergarten group, I read and had the children demonstrate the animals from “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See” book, Bill Martin, Jr (the author) and Eric Carle (the illustrator) of this book.   This was aContinue reading “Noah’s Ark ABC Yoga for Children by Gaileee”

Beth Shaw YogaFit Founder, demonstrates core YogaFit poses.

Beth Shaw, creator and founder of YogaFit, Inc., demonstrates 3 tummy-toning exercises used in yoga. When added to your regular workout, the side plank, boat pose and yoga crunch can help strengthen your core in time for summer. Be sure to see Beth at the 2009 ACE Fitness Symposium in San Diego. Gail Pickens-Barger,Continue reading “Beth Shaw YogaFit Founder, demonstrates core YogaFit poses.”